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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter Training

Our helicopter flight training curriculum is FAA certified. Longhorn Helicopters Flight school specializes in training Pilots for their Helicopter careers. Our experienced Flight Instructors work with you to ensure you attain your goals quickly and effectively. We have a proven track record for turning out excellent pilots. Our Success Stories speak for themselves.

The ATP certificate is the highest level issued by the FAA. It requires a total of 1,200 hours of flight time. Some employers require ATP helicopter training for their more senior pilots and also to fly their bigger helicopters.

Many employers offer their pilots a bonus if the pilot has completed ATP helicopter training and has an ATP certificate.

FAA helicopter training requirements for an ATP are:

  • 1,200 hours total time
  • 500 hours cross country
  • 100 hours at night (15 must be in a helicopter)
  • 200 hours in helicopters (75 hours Pilot-in-Command)
  • 75 hours actual or simulated Instrument (50 must be in an aircraft; of those 25 must be in a helicopter)
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