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Welcome To US Aviation's Longhorn Helicopter flight training school

Welcome to our Helicopter Flight School

If flying is your passion, you are at the right place. Learn to fly with us. Be safe. Be Professional. Be Competent. Our Helicopter Flight School is FAA certified as a Part 141 flight school.

Our philosophy is very simple. Most helicopter flight schools have Flight Instructors with low hours (typically low hundreds) who have no real life flight experience. These schools hire inexperienced instructors at low pay in order to increase profits. Typically as soon as these instructors reach 1000 hours, they leave for better paying jobs. You, the student, are paying the same rate for an inexperienced instructor who will likely leave the company as soon as you have paid for his needed flight hours. Conversely, we offer thousands of hours of actual flight time experience and stability for the same price or less. The benefits to you are obvious.

U.S. Students

Attention U.S. Students: Our helicopter flight training curriculum is FAA certified and we specialize in training new pilots for their helicopter careers at affordable rates. For more information on our helicopter flight training programs available to domestic students, click below.

International Students

We offer our international students FAA certified helicopter training programs customized for their needs. Our students never have to worry about anything but flight training because we provide affordable housing and transportation with every training package.

We teach all ratings:

  • Private Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Instrument Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Commercial Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • CFI Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • CFII Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • ATP Rotorcraft/Helicopter (Part 141, Part 61)
  • Add-Ons Rotorcraft/Helicopter: Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP (Part 141, Part 61)

If you are an airplane pilot, the helicopter certificate or rating is added onto your existing airplane certificate or rating. We are proud of our helicopter flight school's reputation for turning out topnotch pilots. Many of our new students are referred by past or current students. We invite prospective students to contact current and past students for references.

Take your first step into the exciting world of aviation now. Contact us to schedule an introductory flight!