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US Aviation – established in 2006; is the largest flight school in North Texas and soon to become the largest and greatest flight school in America. We’ve had thousands of students and instructors pass through our ranks and into the airlines and corporate careers.

US Aviation Academy strives to be the best platform for your future professional career as a pilot. With our 450+ student population of full-time students across our three locations, we aspire to never stop educating and working hard for the future of aviation.

Take a look at what our Alumni have to say about their experience after their time as a part of the USAA family:

 “My experience at US Aviation developed me into an airline professional by allowing me to network during regional airline presentations and gaining the experience to be qualified for career advancement. After being awarded an industry scholarship, USAA assisted me in using the funds to earn additional ratings, even at a discounted rate. It was awesome working for a company that had such a program in place. The most valuable thing I have taken away (besides the well earned flight time buzzing around Class B airspace) is the sense of being a part of a family. It’s great knowing that your colleagues are fun to be around in a casual setting after a hard days work and on the weekends. I even keep in touch with many of my students that are spread across the globe.   Flying for an airline makes me appreciate the experience that I have gained from the early stages of my career, with USAA being a large part of that. I would recommend this company to anyone who is goal oriented and able to stay motivated in a face paced environment.”Andrew McRae
First Officer – Republic Airline
Embraer 170/175
IMG_3350 “I started at USAA as a student with just my private pilot’s license in January 2015, and by October I started working as a CFI in the Chinese private pilot curriculum.  From there I finished my CFI-I, thanks to USAA’s added rating for instructors program, while flying with as many students as I could handle. Eventually I was teaching students from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Israel, Qatar and Nigeria, as well as here in the United States. This afforded me the opportunity to fly more than 1000 hours in 12 months and to get a job in the Envoy Air Pipeline Program, where I am now a First Officer on the Embraer 145. My time at USAA is among the most fun I have had in my life.  It was challenging, but also very rewarding once you ring that bell after your student passes their check ride.  I made many lifelong friends and have memories that I will cherish for my entire aviation career.  I can’t put into words how thankful I am to USAA for helping me jump start my career, and for all the invaluable experience I gained during my time there.”Andrew James
First Officer – Envoy Airlines
Embraer 145
Quentin 2 “As a CFI for USAA’s Career Pilot Program, I was not only able to help prepare my students for their careers as airline pilots, but I also gained a great deal of experience that has helped me advance my career as an airline pilot. From maintaining a sharp understand of the students’ professional pilot curriculum, to building a professional network with my fellow CFIs, these along with any many other advantages gave me a great foundation for my career, and made my transition from CFI to Airline Pilot a great experience.”Quentin M Myers
First Officer – Delta Air Lines
Boeing 757/767
David Schwaderer “I worked at US Aviation Academy from 2010-2012. From my first week in Standards class, I met a life-long friend who became my roommate. I began instructing in the Chinese training department with three students and as much flying as I could handle. In my two years at US Aviation, I became a check instructor, giving private through instrument stage check and check rides which helped my resume immensely. With the help of US Aviation, I achieved my multi-engine instructor rating at a reduced cost and two months later was hired at Empire Airlines and later Horizon Air. My time at US Aviation greatly prepared me for training and flying the line. It was a great experience in my life and I have many fond memories of my time there.”David Schwaderer
First Officer at Horizon Air, flying the Q400
dan stueber “I was hired as a CFI in August 2011 with approximately 275hrs TT, and was able to build my total time up to 1200hrs from the time I was hired at USAA until August 2012 when I was thrown in the right seat of a Part 91 King Air 350. A year later, I moved up to a Citation Excel. I’m living the dream with a unicorn job for the same Part 91 company, flying about 150 hours per year. Thanks USAA for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream career of becoming a professional pilot.”Dan Stueber
Company: Compassco LLC, Dallas TX
Current rating: CFI, CFII, MEI ATP
Type ratings: B300, CE550, CE560XL
 Travis Wetterstrom “I was a CFI at US Aviation Academy for just shy of two years. When I came in for my interview, I had just a handful of hours dual given and was out of the industry for over a year. Thankfully, USAA gave me the opportunity restart my career and I am forever in their debt. I moved to Denton from out of state and received a kind and warm welcome from not only the management staff, but the other instructors as well. During my two years there, I gained invaluable experience flight instructing in some of the busiest airspace in the country. The Chinese program I was teaching in allowed me to understand Chinese culture and teach a very focused and determined group of individuals who I will never forget. Most of all, I appreciate the amazing staff and fellow instructors I worked with who made my time there not just a job to build time and move on, but a fun and enjoyable place to work. I have made some great friendships at USAA and would do it all over again in a second. Thanks USAA for giving me the opportunity to succeed and allow me to fulfill my dream of becoming an airline pilot!”Travis Wetterstrom
First Officer on the Airbus A320 at Allegiant Airlines
 Stacy in B747
“Started at USAA 5/14-Resigned 12/15 (13 months full time, 6 months part time)I worked at USAA starting 5/14 immediately after graduating from CFI school. Initially I worked with both international and domestic students who were studying for their Private and Instrument license and rating. I averaged about 80-100 flight hours and 100-125 total billable hours per month. In 5 months I was promoted to a Check Instructor and performed staged checks and practical exams on behalf of the school and FAA. While working at USAA I was able to earn my CMEL add on and also my MEI which I later took on CMEL students under the Chinese and International Curriculum. With USAA having 3 bases to work at and being able to build hours and work with students from all different types of backgrounds, was extremely rewarding. I left full time instructing in June of 2016 for the airlines.The students and staff at USAA were great to work with. The aircraft were a pleasure to fly and overall it was a pleasure to build my time here and see my students achieve their dreams! I miss my time at USAA and periodically stop by to see the success of the programs and fellow instructors.”Stacy Wareham-Clayton
Boeing 747 – Atlas Air Worldwide
Nunez 2 “I started working at US Aviation Academy in May 2010 after I graduated from college. I have to say that working at US Aviation was a great choice because not only did I gain a lot of flight time in a short amount of time but I gained a lot of experience that has served me well in my career.  You will be challenged here but in the long run it will pay off huge. I gained about 900 hours in about a year and then got hired at American Eagle.  You will always be flying and never short of any students.  If you want to gain a significant amount of flight time and a lot of experience USAA is a good option.”Cuauhtemoc Nunez
First Officer at Emirates
Zalak Hoover 2 “I started working at USAA as a CFI in summer of 2011 and worked with Chinese students for about a year and half until I was offered a job at ASA/ExpressJet Airlines as a First Officer. During my time at USAA, I was promoted to a check instructor’s position. I decided to continue to perform checks part-time while working at ExpressJet. That experience allowed me to keep my Part 91 knowledge current. I feel very fortunate to have been offered a pilot position at American Airlines in 2016. I think about USAA every time I fly an arrival into DFW from NW. I feel privileged to have met so many wonderful individuals during my time at USAA. If you want to work hard, build time & experience and lifelong friends, this is the place to be.”Zalak Hoover
American Airlines
B737 First Officer
DCIM100GOPROG0766235. “I joined the career pilot programme in USAA in 2009 and got every single rating from my PPL through CPL to my CFI/MEI instructor ratings in USAA. Along the journey to fly in Denton I met some wonderful people who I am still in touch. The opportunity USAA gave me to teach a wide variety of international and domestic students towards their PPL,IR,CPL and multi engine ratings enabled me to not only just build hours and experience but also enabled me to acquire precious knowledge and make life long friends around the world. Thanks to the career pilot programme I had a massive advantage in getting my first airline job. I am now a full fledged airline Captain on the Airbus A320 in IndiGo which is the largest airline in India. USAA’s training , staff and flexibility in courses played an instrumental role in helping me reach where I am.”Rahul Reddy
Captain – Airbus A320
IndiGo Airlines
Tony Callahan “I started with US Aviation Academy, as a fresh MEI, at a time when we had 8 instructors and a hand full of Airplanes. I helped form a place that rapidly grew into the US Aviation Academy that it is today. I flew just about every airplane we had, from the light sport all the way up through the King Air C90. I started the first Chinese Class, and I can’t tell tell you which class number they are on now. Incredible! I taught several ground schools, was a Senior Multi-Check Instructor, and helped to form the Self Examining Authority you have today. I moved on with 4000 total time and 1800 turbo-prop time, thanks to USAA. US Aviation was a large part of my life and I wouldn’t be the pilot I am today without it.”Tony Callahan
First Officer
Republic Airline
Brandon JonesBrandon Jones Pic 2 I had the opportunity of starting at US Aviation Academy (USAA) during the summer of 2015. I loaded up my car and made the 24 hour drive from Boise, Idaho to the Dallas area in late June. After the weeklong standards training, I dove right in and began instructing full time in the private curriculum after being assigned my first students, several from class China 59 – Tianjin Airlines. I quickly fell in love with instructing international students and continued to enjoy working with them each day even through the struggles and challenges that come with the job. Looking back at my logbook records, I averaged nearly 100 flight hours each month for my entire first year with the company. I built some awesome relationships with students, fellow flight instructor colleagues and company management. US Aviation provided me many opportunities during my employment, first of which was the added CFII (certified flight instructor – instrument) rating which once completed, allows you to teach in the instrument curriculum. The company provided the ground and flight training in house at no cost to me, after passing my checkride, I instructed in instrument and built even more time, since this allows you to fly through clouds and when visibility would have otherwise prevented a private lesson. Not too long afterwards, I began working on earning my MEI (multi-engine instructor) and had a desire to teach in the commercial curriculum flying the Piper Seneca. The company obliged and I was soon flying the twin engine machine!The next advancement was to the status of a check airman, which allowed me to perform periodic stage checks and end of course checkrides for student FAA certification. I was honored to accept the promotion and promptly began performing both oral and flight checks. This was a great experience for me and really opened my eyes to the importance of TCO’s (training course outlines), SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and the ability to test student’s knowledge at each stage in the program. This experience allowed me to gain a more holistic understanding of the whole flight school operation and I gained valuable experience, insight, and was able to adapt my instruction style to better serve a wider array of student’s learning methods. I am very thankful and appreciative of the opportunity to be a Check Airman. I finished building the required time needed for an airline ATP certificate (1500 hours) on June 8, 2016, about a year after I began at the academy. I was in the Envoy Air pipeline program and went to class shortly thereafter. I flew the ERJ-175 out of Dallas for Envoy for about nine months. I enjoyed my experiences and my time with them, but was trying to get back closer to home and with SkyWest Airlines opening a Boise base; it was going to be a sure perfect fit.  In the meantime, before the new base opening, I returned to USAA to do more check airman duties and also began instructing in the high performance curriculum in the King Air C90. This was a very challenging, yet rewarding experience while learning to teach and master the new airplane. During this training, you get the opportunity to introduce the student to CRM (crew resource management) principles and line oriented flight training (real world flying) in order to help prepare them for airline style operations while flying a faster, more complex, turbine powered airplane. This is where everything comes together for the student:  private, instrument; multi engine flying skills are refined and put to the test. I really enjoyed teaching in the King Air and it definitely helped me become a better aviator, instructor, and get some multi-engine turbine PIC experience!Eventually, I took the job with SkyWest, but despite the new base ended up being assigned Chicago on the ERJ-175; I ended up leaving the company after only three months with an even better offer in hand that I couldn’t pass up. A first class corporate and charter outfit back home, in Boise, offered me a captain position on the Citation CJ3+ (CE525B) with an excellent schedule and benefits package. I have currently been with the company four months and have really enjoyed everything so far!To all instructors considering working for US Aviation, I don’t think there is a better or faster place to improve your skills while building your flight time. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is serious about getting the required experience needed to fly for a living. You will make some lifelong connections with some pretty awesome people! I am happy to talk about all of my experiences with anyone who is interested in flying with USAA; my contact information is provided below.Brandon Jones
CJ3+ Captain
Dekiyra My name is Dekiyra Love. I graduated from Purdue University in 2015. Thereafter, I went to US Aviation Academy for 11 months to flight instruct as a CFI/CFII. I enjoyed my time there! It was challenging and rewarding at the same time. It was absolutely worth it, and through the process my students and I became great friends. Now I’m a First Officer at GoJet Airlines.Dekiyra Love – FO at GoJet
Sterling Harden Pic I began at US Aviation from the very beginning of my flight training while attending college. I
also worked at US Aviation in different roles while working on my ratings. Once getting my CFI,
CFII, I began working as an instructor. I enjoyed my time working at the academy, meeting
many great friends that I still have to this day. I was given many opportunities to progress
myself throughout my time instructing. I achieved my MEI, and was trained as a check airman.
Working in a structured environment and under the 141 curriculum proved to help when
transitioning to the airlines. Working as a check airman was very valuable for helping me get to
the point I am at today. I am very thankful for US Aviation and the people that helped me at the
beginning of my career.
Sterling Harden
FedEx MD11

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