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Professional Pilot Program at Tarrant County College

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Domestic students have a great opportunity to receive flight training at Tarrant County College (TCC), one of North Texas’ premier higher education institutions. TCC has partnership with US Aviation Group and conveniently offers a Professional Pilot program that is an FAA Part 141 approved program and operates at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

In today’s society, it’s essential for students who want to become professional pilots to strive for greatness in the air and in the classroom. Fortunately, TCC’s Professional Pilot program gives students the opportunity to do both. Those who are enrolled in this program will earn their desired FAA Pilot licenses and ratings as well as receive college credit to put toward their Associates of Applied Science degree. Further, in order to maximize their potential for a successful career in aviation, students can work toward their Bachelor’s degree using a ‘two-plus-two’ program with UNT’s aviation logistics major. By enrolling in TCC’s Professional Pilot program, students can put the flight training they receive toward accomplishing this milestone. If you’re interested in this professional flight training program, please reach out to the following contact:

TCC – Aviation Department




FAA Certification & Rating Progression

Certifications Required TCC Courses
Private Pilot AIRP 1301                         Air NavigationAIRP 1313                         Intro to AviationAIRP 1317                         Private Pilot Ground SchoolAIRP 1215/1370*         Private Flight (minimum 35 Flight Hours)
Private Pilot w/ Instrument Rating AIRP 1207                             Aviation MeteorologyAIRP 1341                             Advanced Air NavigationAIRP 1351                             Instrument Ground SchoolAIRP 2250/2270*             Instrument Flight (minimum 35 Flight Hours)
Commercial Pilot AIRP 1343                         AerodynamicsAIRP 1347                         Human Factors in AviationAIRP 2333                         Aircraft SystemsAIRP 2337                         Commercial Ground School
AIRP 1255/1271*         Intermediate FlightAIRP 2239/2271*         Commercial FlightAIRP 2151*                       Multi-Engine Flight
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) AIRP 2349                         Instructor Ground SchoolAIRP 1247/2272*         Certified Flight Instructor
CFI w/ Instrument Rating AIRP 2257/2273*         Flight Instructor – Instrument

*Flight hours are FAA minimum requirements. Students who need additional flight time will be charged accordingly, and, in certain cases, may be required to enroll in AIRP 1255/1271 for additional flight time. Refer to TCC’s program cost guide for more information.



Additional Class Requirements

Students enrolled in TCC’s Professional Pilot program must complete the following required courses to receive their Associates of Applied Science degree:

  • ENGL 1301
  • MATH 1314
  • SPCH 1311
  • PSYC 2301
  • Humanities/Visual and Performing Arts Elective

You can find additional information online regarding Degree and Certificate of Completion at

TCC’s Aviation Professional Pilot Cost Guide


  • Professional Pilot Associate of Applied Science Degree: 60 credit hours x $59 = $3,540
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate of Completion: 39 credit hours x $59 = $2,301
  • Flight Instructor Certificate of Completion: 7 credit hours x $59 = $413
  • In-County tuition: $59 per credit hour
  • Out-of-County tuition: $106 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State tuition: $255 per credit hour

*Cost calculations are based on the In-County rate of $59 per credit hour identified in the 2016/2017 catalog.


Books and Equipment: $2,000


Hours of Study Fixed Wing Rotor Wing
Private Pilot (approx. 50 Hours) $11,666 (C172) $26,542 (R44)
Instrument (approx. 45 Hours) $10,597 (C172) $27,570 (R44)
Intermediate (approx. 50 Hours) $7,961 (C172) $25,540 (R22)
Commercial (approx. 70 Hours) $13,528 (C172/PA28R (20 Hours)) $31,943 (R44 )
Commercial Multi-Engine (approx. 20 Hours) $6,558(PA34) N/A
Certified Flight Instructor (approx. 30 Hours) $7,743 (PA28R) $15,052 (R44)
CFI w/ Instrument (approx. 20 Hours) $3,803 (C172) $9,277 (R44)
Total Hours: Approx. 285 Hours Total Fixed Wing Cost: **$61,856 Total Rotor Wing Cost: $135,924

*Please note that all flight fees and hours are approximate and are subject to change based on aircraft type, fuel costs and pre-/post-flight briefings.

**Commercial multi is optional.

Examples of Aircraft Used in Flight Training

Cessna 172

Piper Arrow

Piper Seneca

Schweizer 300C

Robinson 22

Robinson 44

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