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Private Pilot

Private Pilot Training At A Glance

Tuition: $14,410* (Based on part 61 training )

Flight Training: 60 Hours

  • Dual: 50 Hours
  • Solo: 10 Hours

Private Pilot Ground School: 25 Hours plus self-study

Conventional modes of transportation can prove to be hectic and boring. Do you ever notice an airplane when you are stuck using ground transportation and think, “Now THAT is the way to travel!”? Does the freedom of flying to a destination on your own terms sound more alluring than making your way down a winding interstate highway or finding room to sit on a crowded city bus or train? With a private pilot license from US Aviation Academy, you can take to the skies any time you want and fly high above the rest of the population stuck using traditional transit methods.

US Aviation Academy is recognized as one of the top flight schools in the United States and has enabled countless students to successfully earn their private pilot license since we opened our doors in 2002.

What Is A Private Pilot?

By definition, a private pilot is one who flies only for pleasure and personal business purposes. This means the pilot can command any aircraft for any non-commercial venture and for which he or she holds a rating. Further, earning a private pilot license means you have more flying flexibility than a sport pilot. One advantage of becoming a private pilot is the fact that you may fly anytime, day or night, as long as the weather conditions do not obstruct your visual acuity. Another perk is the fact that you are able to fly with passengers. What better way to share the flying experience than with a couple of friends or family members?

With this type of pilot license, however, comes what some people may perceive as drawbacks. You may not accept any sort of payment or compensation for flying a passenger to any specified destination. The passenger can, however, pitch in for fuel or aircraft rental costs. Further, an airline operator cannot hire a private pilot until the pilot has gone through the schooling and training to become a certified commercial pilot with specific ratings.

Getting Your Private Pilot License

In order to begin private pilot training at US Aviation, you must:

  • Obtain a student medical certificate.
  • Be at least 17 years old.
  • Be able to speak, read, write and comprehend English.
  • Have at least prepared for the FAA Written Exam, but we recommend that you take and pass it prior to enrollment.

US Aviation is an aviation school that provides only the most professional flight training available. While attending our flight school, seasoned FAA-approved aviation professionals will guide you with world-class instruction so you get the most high-quality and up-to-date aviation education available. Your experience at our flight academy will include both in-flight training and ground school where you will learn about the fundamentals of flight, emergency operations, federal aviation regulations, aviation weather and more flying essentials.

If you are ready to foster your love of flying and get your private pilot license, contact US Aviation Academy today. We will be happy to work with your schedule and budget to create a customized training program that works for you!

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* Tuition for private pilot training is based on hours listed above. The actual cost may vary depending on hours required to obtain rating. Training and check ride fees are included.


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