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Professional Pilot Program – Helicopter

All US Aviation’s helicopter (rotor wing) training is currently being conducted within Tarrant County College’s Professional Pilot Program. TCC’s associates in Professional Piloting earns students’ their Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI/CFII helicopter or airplane licenses and rating. To learn more about this exciting program, please visit our Degree Program page.


Private Helicopter Pilot

This is your flying foundation. All licenses and ratings past this point are adding to the skills and knowledge you gain during your private course. You can expect one-on-one training with your instructor and development of your communication, decision-making, critical thinking, and motor skills.


An instrument rating will make you a safer helicopter pilot by providing you with flight experience that solely references the instruments instead of outside visual cues. This is a skill that takes lots of practice and allows you to navigate in the clouds (also-known-as flying in Instrument Meteorological Conditions or IMC). Although this rating is not a requirement for your aviation career, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to be hired somewhere without it. Generally, this rating is accomplished after private and before commercial in order to build time for the commercial license.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot

In order to turn your dream of flying into a career, you will need your commercial license. Obtaining this certificate will allow you to fly for hire. But first you must demonstrate not only the ability to fly, but also expertise to fly others safely. Commercial pilots are held to a much higher standard both intellectually and in their aviation skill. During this training you will get to experience landings to roof-top helipads, operations in complex airspace, and simulated commercial flights that you will have to plan from start to finish.

CFI/CFII Courses

Every pilot’s impression of flight is shaped by his or her first flight instructor. As a certified flight instructor, it is your responsibility to equip your students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make them safe and efficient pilots and guide their development into professional aviators. Our CFI/CFII programs arm you with the fundamentals of instruction necessary to give your students the best training experience possible.

Once you have your instructor ratings, you will be authorized to conduct and sign-off the training required for pilot certificates issued by the FAA. In our CFI/CFII program, we take this responsibility very seriously. Whether you are just getting your aviation career underway or are looking to further an existing career, these programs will challenge you to reevaluate your previous training experiences and apply the lessons learned to the training you will eventually provide.

And if you are just breaking into the aviation industry, becoming a certified flight instructor will most likely be your first job. Almost all civil-trained helicopter pilots start off as flight instructors to build up to the hour requirements of most commercial operators. Also, a number of companies will actually look to see if you instructed first before they will hire you. The best way to learn is to teach. Aviation companies know this and will look for it when evaluating new pilots.


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