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Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Teach others to fly as a helicopter certified flight instructor!

A CFI is an extremely valuable asset. Most employers like to see that you were a CFI prior to working for them because it shows you’re dedicated to learning and posses the skills to properly communicate your thoughts. Students generally start working on their CFI after their commercial certificate. The CFI allows you to teach private and commercial students as well conduct biannual flight reviews.

During the CFI training, you will gain the skills necessary to properly teach someone how to safely maneuver the aircraft. You will become well-versed in the common errors of student pilots and things to be cautious of when flight instructing. We will also teach you how to recognize your student’s limits and learning styles, while using that information to get the most out of your student’s training time.

Flight Instructor Requirements:
  • 18 years old
  • Must be able to read, speak, write, and understand English
  • Commercial Pilot or ATP
  • Third class medical certificate

Our course is broken down into two progressive stages designed to guide you through the training requirements of the CFI helicopter pilot.

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Stage One

Ground Objective

During the ground lessons of this stage, the student will receive training in the following areas: learning theories, elements of learning, principles of effective communication, the teaching process, evaluations, human behavior, aeronautical decision making, flight instructor responsibilities, requirements for certificates and basic helicopter control from the instructor seat.

Flight Objective

During the flight lessons of this stage, the student will review those maneuvers required to instruct for the private pilot certification with emphasis placed on student performance of these maneuvers from the Instructor seat of the training helicopter. Appropriate maneuvers and procedures will be practiced using visual and instrument references, as indicated in the lesson content. Throughout the course, the applicant will use proper crew resource management (CRM) techniques, exhibit positive exchange of aircraft control procedures, and display sound aeronautical decision making (ADM) skills.

Stage Two

Ground Objective

During the ground lessons of this stage, the applicant will learn the analysis and performance of all the maneuvers required for private and commercial pilot certification as an Instructor. The student will also learn the techniques and practices involved in conducting ground training sessions. The student will also cover the following: presenting private knowledge, building flight skills, commercial knowledge, the science of teaching, teaching human factors, enhance flight skills, specialized instruction, and preparing future instructors and pilot briefings. Throughout the course, the applicant will learn the skills required to meet the requirements for the Flight Instructor helicopter rating.

Flight Objective

During the flight lessons of this stage, students will continue to practice instruction of the skills covered in stage one. Additionally students will become familiar with common errors associated with the covered maneuvers and practice recognition, analysis, and correction of these errors.

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