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Instrument Rating – Helicopter Add-On

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Anyone interested in working as a helicopter pilot is required to earn their instrument rating. The ability to operate without need of visual aids is a necessity. Students interested in attaining a professional helicopter pilot job/career will require US Aviation Academy’s instrument training.

Instrument Add-On Requirements
  • Private Pilot Certificate with rotorcraft category and helicopter class rating.
  • Instrument rating for some category and/or class other than helicopter
  • Current third class medical or better
  • Must be able to read, speak, write, and understand English

Our course is broken down into two progressive stages designed to guide you through the training requirements of the helicopter instrument add-on rating.

If you have already started your instrument add-on training and you’re looking at switching to US Aviation Academy, give us a call so we can provide you with a customized quote.

Flight Training Curriculum

Flight training for the Instrument Pilot Helicopter Course consists of 15 flight hours broken into 10 flight training lessons (including stage checks). These lessons cover the following areas of operation:

Ground Training Curriculum

Ground training for the Instrument Pilot Helicopter Add-On Course consists of 20 hours of instruction broken into 18 ground training lessons (including stage exams). These lessons cover the following knowledge areas:

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Instrument Rating – Helicopter Add-On

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Instrument Rating – Helicopter Add-On

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Instrument Rating – Helicopter Add-On