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VA Approved Flight Training with US Aviation Academy allows Active Duty Service Members and Veterans to take advantage of their VA GI Bill® to get the funding for flight certificates and ratings. This makes our Veterans and Service Members competitive in the aviation industry as they develop through their Commercial Pilot journey.

Part 141 Flight Training with Self-Testing Authority

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating *
  • Commercial Single-Engine *
  • Commercial Single-Engine Add-on *
  • Commercial Multi-Engine *
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On *
  • Certified Flight Instructor *
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument *
  • Multi-Engine Instructor *

Learn about the difference between Part 61 Flight Training versus Part 141 Flight Training?

Veteran-Led Guidance and Mentorship

Our Military Program is led by a Veteran who served as a Paratrooper and Pathfinder for the 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. As an alumni of the Academy using his VA GI Bill® and a Certified Flight Instructor, we will strive to ensure every Veteran and Transitioning Service Member that attends US Aviation Academy will get dedicated guidance towards their goals in the aviation industry.

Are You Still Active Duty? Get A Head Start In Your Career!

The Army and Air Force have programs that can help you get a head start in starting your aviation career. Reduce or transfer your Active Duty obligation to a Reserve or Guard unit is a great option for those that do not want to waste any time in achieving their goal as a Commercial Pilot through our VA Approved Flight Training!

Begin your career as a Commercial Pilot!

Begin your career as a Commercial Pilot! Apply Now

Financing Options military veteran gi bill vr&e chapter 33 chapter 31 csp

One of the largest barrier to entry for becoming a commercial pilot is the monetary costs of flight training. It is an expensive journey to go through but it is a great investment towards one’s future. Being an Airline Captain is one of the highest-paid careers on the market today! Thankfully, as a Veteran or Transitioning Service Member, you have financial resources to minimize out-of-pocket cost!

Financial Options with Veteran Benefits

Are You A Military Helicopter Pilot? You Have Additional Funding Options!

Regional Airlines are seeing great advantages with with hiring Military Rotary Pilots. You have the experience and skillset that they are looking for, but many of Military Rotary Pilots do not have any fixed-wing aviation time. Regional Airlines are offering Rotary Transition Program (RTP) funding to help cover or reimburse the cost to get your Rotary Restricted Airline Transportation Pilot certificate (Rotary R-ATP).

Today is the day to start your career!

Today is the day to start your career! Apply Now

Collegiate Programs collegiate programs veteran flight training va approved liberty university vr&e chapter 33 chapter 31 csp

Veterans and Service Members have a choice between Collegiate Flight Training and Vocational Flight Training. Collegiate can provide up to $41,000 as well as a Monthly Housing Allowance MHA while vocational only provides around $15,000 per academic year. We have a premier collegiate programs where you can earn a college degree remotely at your own pace, while also flying at in Denton, Texas.

Collegiate Educational Benefits

Begin your path to aviation success!

Begin your path to aviation success! Apply Now

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Where can your career take you? From flying with United Airlines in Houston, Texas, Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia, or American Airlines in Dallas Texas, US Aviation Academy has partnerships with some of the top Cadet programs in the country!

Regional Airline Partners

Regional Program (Crew Bases) – $00,000 Sign up Bonus

Your aviation journey starts today!

Your aviation journey starts today! Apply Now

* Veteran Affairs Approved Courses
GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at
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Many dream of becoming a pilot but have never experience the complexity of operating an aircraft. Discovery flights are a great way to go out on a quick flight with a Certified Flight Instructor with no long-term commitment to see what being a Pilot is all about.
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