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Rot0r Transition Program for Veterans

Rotor Transition Program RTP for Military Veteran who were Rotary Helicopter Pilots get additional funding from various regional airlines to cover their Professional Pilot Training.

Rotor Transition Program RTP for Veterans

  • GoJet offers Military Helicopter Pilots $35,000 in Tuition Reimbursement / Bonus.
  • SkyWest offers Military Helicopter Pilots $25,000 in Tuition Reimbursement / Bonus.
  • PSA offers Military Helicopter Pilots up to $23,000 in Tuition Reimbursement / Bonus.

Rotary Restricted-ATP (R-ATP) Qualifications and Eligibility

  • 750 total time, which must include 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time.
  • 200 hours cross country. 100 hours fixed wing PIC cross country.
  • 100 hours night or 75 hours night, including 25 night T/O & LND full stop. 25 hours PIC fixed wing night.
  • 75 hours instrument time.
  • 25 hours multi engine..

What If I Don’t Meet The Above Minimums?

That’s the beauty of  an RTP! The funding is meant to get you to those minimum requirements: particularly the 250 hours of Fixed-Wing PIC time and 25 hours of Fixed-Wing Multi-Engine PIC time!

Still Active Duty? Use SkillBridge To Get A Head Start!

Combine an RTP with Career SkillBridge Program so you can conduct your Fixed-Wing training while as early as six (6) months prior to your Expiration Terms of Service (ETS) or Retirement date. That way, you can transition straight into a Regional Airline as soon as your Military pay ends!
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