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TCC Profession Pilot Track

Why Become a Professional Pilot?

Boeing has forecasted a need for approximately 112,000 pilots over the next 20 years. According to Oliver Wyman, a consultancy, current capacity will create approximately 64,0000 airline-ready pilots over the next 20 years – far short of demand. Shortages are already apparent in the flight training and regional airline markets with wages rising 10% per year or more. International student? See the section for international students below. Ready to apply? Skip to the admission process.


TCC Pilot Career Track



In a few short years, you can go from a high school graduate to a first officer at an airline, flying around the country in passenger jets. The need for pilots has never been greater. Airlines need you!



Professional Pilot – Airplane

Semester 1 Private Pilot Cessna-172 (~50 hours)
Semester 2 Instrument Rating Cessna-172 (~45 hours)
Semester 3 Intermediate Cessna-172 (~50 Hours)
Semester 4 Commercial PA-28 and C172 (~70 hours)
Semester 5 Certified Flight Instructor PA-28 (~25 hours)
Semester 6 Flight Instructor – Instrument Cessna-172 (~20 hours)
Optional Multi-Engine Piper Seneca (~20 hours)

During these six semesters, you will also be taking academic classes for your associates degree. Students take approximately 60 credit hours of courses, most of which are aviation-focused. There are also about 12 hours of general educations credits. Some of the academic courses you’ll be taking are:

  • Air Navigation
  • Aerodynamics
  • Human Factors in Aviation

And much more!



Financial Benefits

The career path is looking up for pilots! Graduate of TCC’s Professional Pilot program can expect to pay less for education and make more for a starting salary. US Aviation has partnered with Envoy Air to create a clear career path for students. Graduates of the TCC program can apply to become Envoy Cadet Instructors who are able to roll straight into Envoy Air as first officers upon reaching ATP minimums.

Program Annual Tuition* Total Tuition* Starting Salary
TCC Professional Pilot $37,000 $74,000 $60,0001
TCU Average Graduate $41,650 $166,600 $57,5002
SMU Average Graduate $45,900 $183,600 $55,0003

*Based on in-state tuition estimates, TCC price includes fixed wing flight fees

1Based on Envoy Air first year pay with retention bonuses

2Based on TCU BS program starting salary

3Based on SMU 2015 graduates of BBA program median starting salary


Envoy’s Cadet Instructors also earn retention bonuses while still flight instructors. If hired as an Envoy Cadet Instructor, you will earn bonuses according to the following schedule. A TCC Professional Pilot Program graduate has a job waiting for them as a Certified Flight Instructor as soon as they graduate with competitive pay available at flight schools across the country.


Cadet Instructor Bonus Compensation Schedule
Total Time Interval Bonuses Available
500 $500
600 $500
700 $500
800 $500
900 $500
1000 $500
1100 $500
1200 $500
1300 $500
1400 $500
1500 $500
Total:   $5,000


International Students

Studying through Tarrant County College as an international student allows you to experience college life in the United States as well as giving the opportunity to work as a flight instructor in the United States after completing the program. Graduates of the TCC program approved for OPT could obtain a Commercial Multi with Instrument, CFI, and up to 1200 hours of total time after three years (2 years studying, 1 year working). The two year Professional Pilot Program includes the same courses as for domestics students:

  • Private License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Single Engine
  • Commercial Multi Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor and Flight Instructor – Instrument

Upon graduation, you are eligible for up to one year of work in the United States as flight instructors. This is called Optional Practical Training (OPT) under an F-1 visa. This allows you to build the flight hours and experience airlines are looking for! You can build up to 1200 hours of total time by instructing for up to a year, allowing graduates to return home ready to apply for the airlines.

The admission process for these students will be handled entirely by Tarrant County College (TCC). US Aviation suggests an IELTS of at minimum 6.5 as the Professional Pilot Program demands exceptional English ability.


The Admission Process

1. Prepare Documents

  • High school transcripts or GED
  • Test scores (TAKS, STAAR, SAT, or ACT)
    • TOEFL or IELTS required for International Students (IELTS 6.5 or or TOEFL 650 recommended)
  • Citizenship info (passport or birth certificate)
    • F-1 Visa required for International Students


2. Apply online to TCC


3. Attend a Professional Pilot Orientation

  • Learn about the daily time requirements
  • Understand the commitment required
  • Tour TCC’s Northwest Campus
  • Register for classes


4. Start Flying!

  • Complete required tuition and lab fee payments
  • Get FAA First or Second class medical



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TCC Profession Pilot Track

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TCC Profession Pilot Track

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TCC Profession Pilot Track