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Accelerated Career Program

Accelerated Career Program

US Aviation’s Accelerated Career Program gives you world-class training at a price you can trust. Full financing for the program is available through Wells Fargo’s student loan program at competitive rates with deferred repayment.

Becoming an airline pilot is an attainable goal, not a far-off dream. This program puts you on the fast-track to an airline career. In as little as two years, you can be a first officer at one of our partner airlines. Classes start each month and our accelerated program puts you on track to have your Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates in 9 months. US Aviation then looks forward to hiring alumni as flight instructors to teach the next groups. Building an estimated 1000 flight hours per year, our instructors become first officers at the regional airline in about 15 months.

US Aviation Academy 0-MEI Competitor 0-MEI
All-Inclusive Price $74,495 $82,685*
Fixed Price Yes Yes
Student Loans Yes Yes
Timeline 9 Months 9 Months
Multi-Engine 25 Hours 25 Hours
Live Ground School PPL, IR, CPL, CFI CFI
Part 141 Yes No
Self-Examining PPL, IR, CPL SE, ME None
Housing (optional) $750 per Month $200 per Week
Airline Partnerships Yes Yes

* Our price, unlike most of our competitors, is all-inclusive. Check rides, books, supplies, testing fees, and many other training-related costs are all included. This allows you to budget properly and get the right amount of financing for you. Competitor’s price based off advertised price plus the required check ride fees and books.

As you can see, our program offers  collegiate-style training under Part 141 while maintaining an affordable price with student loans available. Benefits of US Aviation over our competitors include more multi-engine time, more in-person ground school, and Self-Examining Authority. Part 141 and Self-Examining Authority means that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regularly audits our pass-rates and curriculum to ensure full compliance with federal regulations. US Aviation maintains an 80% or higher first-time pass rate in all curricula, so you know you’re receiving exceptional training. In order to get Self-Examining Authority, we had to achieve a 90% pass rate in each curriculum. Doing so grants us the ability to provide the official FAA end-of-course exam in-house and issue your licenses directly, cutting wait-times and costs for FAA Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs). In-person ground schools allow you time to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Although there are lots of memorization based courses to help you pass the written tests, our courses instill fundamental knowledge that you’ll use throughout your career.


FAQs of the Program

Start Dates

Upcoming start dates include:

  • January 11th, 2018
  • February 8th, 2018
  • March 8th, 2018

US Aviation starts new classes the Friday after the first Monday of each month.


A financing option is available through Wells Fargo for our Accelerated Career Program. For more information or to apply, please contact Wells Fargo at 1-877-451-5039 or visit

Fixed Price

We understand that you need to create a budget and obtain financing for the Accelerated Career Program. US Aviation has been doing firm-fixed price training for airline cadets for almost a decade, graduating thousands of cadets on-time and on-budget. This firm fixed price allows you to get a loan and have confidence it will cover the full program. There are a few conditions to remain on the fixed price contract.

US Aviation will honor the fixed price given if the student maintains good academics status, defined as:

  • Available for training full-time
  • No more than 10 days of absences or vacation from scheduled events
  • No more than 3 no-shows (defined as absences without proper notification)
  • No more than 2 failures of any individual stage check or lesson
  • No more than 4 failures on all stage checks
  • Only one attempt of any End-of-Course check/DPE check paid by US Aviation
  • Full compliance with all school rules
  • Completion of first solo in no more than 30 hours
  • Terminated students will be charged based on hourly rates

Should you be terminated from the fixed price program or should you choose to withdraw at any point during the program, you will be charged according to the retail rate sheet provided at enrollment. The retail rates are also locked in for up to 1 year upon enrollment.

A fuel surcharge may be applied if local 100LL fuel rates exceed $5.50/gallon. Students weighing more than 250lbs or over 6’4″ tall must fly a slightly larger aircraft for time building, increasing program cost by $2000.

Part 141 - Self-Examining
The FAA bestows Self-Examining Authority on approved Part 141 flight schools with first-time pass rates of 90% or higher in a curriculum. US Aviation has attained Self-Examining for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Multi-Engine. This saves you money and time. Without Self-Examining, flight schools are reliant on designated pilot examiners (DPEs) which are costly and set their own schedule which may not fit yours.

US Aviation has student housing available for $750/month. This includes rent, transportation, utilities, and internet for a shared room. Students are housed in nearby apartments with two students per bedroom. Transportation is provided via our bus system that runs to and from the apartments to the academy all day. Using our apartments and transportation allows you to minimize out of pocket costs during training, immerse yourself with classmates, and avoid long-term leases.

Airline Partnerships
We understand that you want to get to the airline sooner and get your seniority number. US Aviation helps you achieve your career goals by partnering with a wide variety of airlines. Choosing the right partner can also help you pay down your loans more quickly through their various bonus and tuition-reimbursement programs. You can learn more about these partnerships here. Our partners include:

  • Envoy Air
  • Mountain Air Cargo, a FedEx Feeder
  • Silver Airways
  • GoJet Airlines
  • Republic Airline
  • SkyWest Airlines

Already Have A Licence?
No problem. We’d be happy to create a custom quote based on your past experience. Just give us a call and we’ll send you a quote that takes into account your accomplishments. Financing is available for customized training, but fixed pricing is not. Pricing will be according to our current retail rates.

Can I use VA Benefits?
Yes, you can use Post 9/11 VA Benefits. US Aviation is able to use one year of Post 9/11 benefits to help pay for the commercial portion of training. This may cover up to $13,500 in training costs.

Do I need a Degree?
Typically regional airlines do not require a degree. An accelerated program is often the best choice for those who already have a degree or career changers needing to get going quickly. We do advise that students consider getting a degree later in their career through flexible online programs in order to be more attractive to major airlines and provide rounded credentials. Alternatively, for those seeking a degree program, please see our Degree Programs page. This path will take a little longer, but may be the best choice for some students. 



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The application below is for US Aviation Academy’s Accelerated Career Program. If you are in need of financing, please also refer to the Financing section above for directions on loan application.

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