Aircraft Dispatcher Financing

Aircraft Dispatcher Financing is offered at US Aviation Academy in several options for prospective students to be able to afford the financial cost of Aircraft Dispatcher Training. How to fund training is a big question for most students. This investment in your future is worth it with an abundance of opportunities to earn and grow at a variety of our Airline Partners.

Financing Through Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae offers convenient funding options with no origination fees or early payment penalties, with fixed interest rates that start as low as 4.5% for qualified applicants.
  • Click on “Student Loans
  • Click on “Undergraduate Student Loans
  • Input your General Information
  • Select “Texas” under State
  • Select “US Aviation Academy” under Program
  • Request $4,000 Loan Amount
    • or
  • Request $6,000 Loan Amount (for housing stipend)

Aircraft Dispatcher Training Financing with Sallie Mae

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Understanding the Role of an Aircraft Dispatcher

Aircraft dispatchers play a crucial role in the aviation industry. They are responsible for planning flight paths, considering aircraft performance and loading, weather conditions, and airspace restrictions. Working in tandem with pilots, dispatchers ensure that flights operate safely, efficiently, and on schedule. Given the critical nature of the role, comprehensive training is essential, which is where the US Aviation Academy excels.