A&P Mechanic Program

A&P Mechanic Program in 12 Months!

“My dad was and still is an A&P mechanic and he’s done that my whole life. I fell in love with it. I like working with my hands. I don’t like sitting at a desk all day and looking at datasheets. It’s very fulfilling work. You are taking an aircraft with passengers, pilots, and aircrews and putting those people in the air with an aircraft that you may have done critical repairs to. You’ve got a plane that’s down and it needs to get out, so that’s the first thing you jump on. I really enjoy playing coming in with a problem, troubleshooting the problem, fixing it, and then seeing it fly.”

 A&P Mechanic Program Overview

A&P Mechanic 12-Month Accelerated Training

  • Receive al training required by the FAA to take your knowledge, oral, and practical exams for your Airframe and Powerplant certificate in 12 months.
  • US Aviation is an FAA-approved Part 147 school, which provides students the required experience necessary to get their A&P Mechanic certificate.
  • US Aviation Academy is located at the Denton Enterprise Airport, a busy towered airport. This provides students with a full immersion into the aviation maintenace world.
  • Courses are taught by instructors who actively assist in maintaining US Aviation’s fleet of over 120 aircraft.

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 Aviation Maintenance Program Advantage

Aviation Maintenance Program Advantages

US Aviation Academy
    • 12 Month to Complete
    • Under $27,000 in Costs!
    • Industry Leading Partnerships
    • New Facility
    • Start Your Paid Career Sooner!
Competitors Programs
    • 21-24 Months to Complete
    • Over $50,000 in Costs
    • Limited Partnerships
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