Flight School & Training in Fort Worth, TX

Take to the skies with the US Aviation Academy at the Fort Worth, Texas, flight school. Earn your pilot certification through the collegiate program at Tarrant County College in partnership with US Aviation Academy. Complete the program in two years and leave with your earned license, ratings, and associate of applied science degree, or AAS.

Fort Worth, TX Flight School Pilot Programs & Cost

No matter your previous skill set level or experience, the Fort Worth flight school can support your aviation dreams. Explore the details of the Collegiate Flight Training Program, including the curriculum, tuition costs, and program duration. Discover how you can take the first step towards your dream career.

Collegiate Flight Training Program

Tarrant County wants to help Aviation students achieve their goals as efficiently and affordably as possible. In partnership with the Tarrant County College program, the US Aviation Academy provides the training to attain the FAA certifications needed to become a professional pilot. The program is based at Tarrant County College and offers an applied science degree, or AAS, that can be completed in two years.

Fort Worth Flight School Cost

On average, the Fort Worth flight school costs around $102,00 all-inclusive. For those seeking help attending the Fort Worth flight school, financing options are available to help you with tuition costs. We’re committed to making aviation flight training accessible.

Financing Options

Various options are available to help with tuition costs, such as scholarships, financial aid, government-assisted financing, and as-you-go financing. You’ll want to apply to one of the best lenders for flight training financing to receive financial assistance. U.S. service members and veterans may be eligible for additional benefits, including housing allowances. Check out the best financing options below:

Regional Airline Partners

US Aviation Academy is dedicated to providing its pilot students with the best resources and options to ensure their success. As a part of this commitment, we have formed intentional partnerships with some of the top cadet programs, including regional airlines, which are available through the US Aviation Academy. Here are the regional partnerships that we have established:

Why US Aviation Academy?

By enrolling in the US Aviation Academy, you can receive various benefits to help you achieve your aviation dreams. These benefits include future earning potential, access to top-notch instructors, flexible scheduling, and other invaluable advantages to your success. Additionally, you can take advantage of US Aviation Academy’s partnerships with leading airlines, which can help you secure a high-paying job in the aviation industry as soon as you graduate.

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How much does it cost to go to flight school in Texas?

The average cost of flight school in Texas is around $102,000.

How long does it take to get a pilot’s license in Texas?

It takes nine months to earn a pilot’s license in Texas.

Are flight schools worth it?

Embarking on a journey in aviation through a flight school is an exciting and essential step toward fulfilling your passion for flying. After completing flight training, you have various career path opportunities. As an airline pilot, you’ll be in a highly respected and rewarding profession, offering a competitive starting salary of around $100,000, along with benefits, travel opportunities, and more.