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Flight School Chapter 31 VR&E Veteran Readiness and Employment VocRehab

Information on the Bachelor of Science in Aviation is available at The following courses are offered within the Bachelor of Science in Aviation program.

  • Private Pilot Certificate – AVIA220 & 225 – Can be completed as a Free Elective or prior to enrollment
  • Instrument Rating – AVIA320*
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – AVIA325, 326 & 327*
  • Commercial Single Engine Add-On Rating – AVIA331*
  • Flight Instructor Certification – AVIA420*
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certification – AVIA422 (1 Credit)* or AVIA423 (3 Credits)*
  • Multi-Engine Instructor Certification – AVIA441 (1 Credit)* or AVIA443 (3 Credits)*

* Courses noted with the asterisk (*) above are the only courses authorized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) for application of GI Bill® and/or VA funding by Web Enabled Approved Management System (“WEAMS”) institutions.

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GI Bill Flight Training Chapter 33 Military Flight Training

Military and Veteran Benefits


Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:

  • College Credit for Military Training
  • GI Bill®/Veterans Affairs Benefits
  • Military Scholarships
  • Tuition Assistance – For more information, visit
  • YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM: Liberty University is a partner in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which allows eligible students to continue their studies once their annual GI Bill® funding has been exceeded.

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