Aircraft Dispatcher School and Training

Aircraft Dispatchers have a keen eye for detail, a sharp mind for logistics, and a passion for aviation, a career as a flight dispatch could be your answer to a thrilling career. US Aviation Academy offers unparalleled training accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It equips you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to excel in this highly demanding field.

What is an Aircraft Dispatcher?

An Aircraft Dispatcher, also known as a flight operations officer, plays a crucial role in every airline flight’s safe and efficient operation, from take-off to landing. They are strategists behind every flight who thrive under pressure. A flight dispatcher’s essential skills and responsibilities include:
  • Flight Planning — Analyzing and evaluating weather reports, NOTAMs, and aircraft conditions. They plan flight paths and review altitude readings, fuel requirements, and airspace restrictions. Regulatory Compliance
  • Coordination and collaboration — They work with many other teams, including maintenance, fueling, and cabin crews.
  • Crisis Management — In emergencies, a flight dispatcher is often involved in crucial decision-making and crisis management. They provide support and information to the flight crew.
  • Communication — An aircraft dispatcher will maintain constant communication with pilots throughout the flight. They provide updates on weather, air traffic, and other relevant information.
Post-flight duties include reviewing and recording flight data for future planning and analysis. A flight dispatcher requires strong analytical skills, laser-like attention to detail, and the ability to work under tremendous pressure.

Aircraft Dispatcher Enrollment and Course Details

The job outlook for aircraft dispatchers remains strong. At US Aviation Academy, we make the enrollment process easy with our online form. Requirements
  • Must be at least 23 years old
  • Speak English
Course Details
  • The Aircraft Dispatcher accelerated course runs 5 weeks
  • Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Online classes are available for portions of the class – 3 Weeks Online / 2 Weeks In-Person

Cost of Attendance

US Aviation Academy has a long track record in providing the highest quality aircraft dispatch training, helping thousands prepare for a successful career in aviation. The cost of the accelerated program is $4,000 and includes the first attempt at both written and practical testing. We have financing options available to help pay for training. Our career services team will equip you with the tools and connections to soar confidently into your dream job. Ready to chart your course? Prospective students are invited to book a free discovery flight. Contact us today, and let your journey begin!

Airline Dispatcher Jobs

After completing the intensive FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher training from the US Aviation Academy, you’ll be looking at a promising job outlook with projected growth for the foreseeable future. The typical career path for an airline dispatcher starts at an entry level, working towards junior and senior levels. There are also specialized positions, including operations analyst, training instructors, management, and consulting. Additional areas of interest include technical fields for air dispatchers within the military and air cargo operations.

The Rising Demand for Aircraft Dispatchers in Dallas, Texas

Why US Aviation Academy?

The Aircraft Dispatcher Program at the US Aviation Academy is dedicated to providing its students with the most advanced educational courses and opportunities possible. Because this is a fast-paced aircraft dispatcher school, our curriculum is geared to prepare you for a job in a very short time. Our extensive network, which includes partnerships with leading airlines and other industry giants, may provide you with a further boost to your new career.

Enroll Today at the US Aviation Academy

Enroll now and elevate your career and future with US Aviation Academy’s 5-Week Flight Dispatch Program.


How much do flight dispatchers make?

A flight dispatcher’s salary can vary due to experience, employers, type of carrier, location and if there is a union involved. On average a flight dispatcher working for a major carrier in the US earns around $62,000 per year.

How long does it take to complete Aircraft Dispatcher training?

With US Aviation Academy, we have a five-week course that covers all 200 hours of FAA requirement to take your Part 65 test!

I’m not near any of your physical campuses, can I still take your course?

Partially. The FAA has approved our course to be 70% online; that means you can be from California to New York, Seattle Washington to Florida, or anywhere in between. We can train you for the first 3 weeks online, the final 2 weeks must be done in person.

How much does it cost to become an Aircraft Dispatcher?

We offer our five-week course at just $4,000.

How does one get hired as an Aircraft Dispatcher?

Similar to being a pilot, an Aircraft Dispatcher has to start at a Regional airline such as Envoy Air. After a few years of experience, being hired at American Airlines becomes possible with great income rewards!

What is covered in the Tuition?

You will receive our five-weeks, 200 hours of training for your FAA requirement, the ASA Test Prep book, as well as your first attempt at your written and practical exam.

Can international students become an Aircraft Dispatcher?

Yes! With our course being only five-weeks long, it is also available 70% online; this means you can start your training while working on your Visa then complete the physical training at our Denton Texas campus for the final 2 weeks!