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US Aviation Academy Student Pilots are composed of a wide variety of backgrounds, meet a few…

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Marc B. – Private Pilot

Mark just completed his Private Pilot Certificate, ringing our “Success Bell” loudly and proudly! He tells us “My reason to become a pilot was my father, he always had me around aviation since I was a kid. Flying a plane full of people to a destination was fascinating. So after graduating high school and going to university for a year I decided to go and start my flight career at a Part 141 school.” He started his flight training in November and was able to complete his first certificate in under 4 months with our Self-Testing Authority!

Nicole F. – Certified Flight Instructor

Nicole Farnum recently passed her CFI Training as a Liberty University student. She dreams of becoming an airline pilot and is currently a cadet for Skywest Airlines.
Her advice to student pilots is, “When in doubt, take a moment to step back and look how far you’ve come. It’s all about perspective. It won’t always be sunshines and rainbows, but if you want it in your heart, you will be able to push through all the hardship.”
Liberty University FTA Flight Training Affiliant Flight Instructor Student
United Aviate Participant Certified Flight Instructor

Carolin E. – Certified Flight Instructor

 Carolin’s love for aviation began when she was young and was invited to the flight deck on a family vacation. Her goal is to become an airline pilot. The biggest challenges encountered during flight training were studying the vast amount of information and maintaining a balance between a full-time job as well as a social and home life, and being an Untied Aviate Participant!
Carolin’s advice for aspiring student pilots is to, “Keep your goals in mind, stay focused, and always keep learning. Whenever in doubt, take a break if you have to. Push through it. Don’t be shy to ask for help, and remember – it’s not a race.”

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  • Student Pilots to Commercial Pilot SkillBridge SkyBridge VA Approved Liberty University FTA United Aviate US Air Force United Airlines United Aviate Participant
  • SkillBridge SkyBridge Veteran Active Duty Soldier US Army Student Pilots SKillBridge SkyBridge Liberty University Commercial PIlot
  • Student Pilots to Commercial Pilot SkillBridge SkyBridge VA Approved Liberty University FTA United Aviate US Air Force United Airlines United Aviate Participant
  • Student Pilots to Commercial Pilot SkillBridge SkyBridge United Airlines United Aviate Participant

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Flight Training to Become Student Pilots?

Finding a good pilot school is important, we have an accelerated flight training program for you

Can I go through flight school quickly?

Our accelerated flight training program is a 9-month path to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor

Can I go to aviation college to start Flight Training?

Yes, we have several flight training college programs for you to choose from! From Liberty University at our Denton, Texas, Campus to Southeast Missouri State University, Missouri, we have a program location

How to become Student Pilots in Texas

We have flight schools located in Denton, TexasConroe, TexasKerrville, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas, but you can also go to any one of our out-of-state Campuses

What is a Discovery Flight?

A condensed lesson to introduce you to the thrill of Flight Training. We can book you for a Discovery Flight at any one of our Campuses nationwide 

How to pay for flight school

We have several financing options to help you cover flight training, including VA funding for Veterans!