Schreiner University Pilot Program

Schreiner University offers students a comprehensive flight training program, establishing itself as a top-tier option for aspiring pilots. With its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors, this flight school in Kerrville, Texas is quickly establishing its reputation as a respected hub for acquiring a pilot’s license in the San Antonio Texas and Austin Texas region. Flight instruction will take place at Schreiner Field, located 9 miles from the primary Schreiner campus and on the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport grounds.

Discover Exceptional Pilot Training at One of Texas’ Premier Flight Schools

Schreiner University’s Flight School is a professional pilot program that prepares you to gain the FAA certifications needed to become a licensed pilot and begin a career in commercial aviation. Schreiner University students will have the opportunity to utilize the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport for flight instruction and learning opportunities. Successful students will obtain their private pilots, commercial pilots, and flight instructor certification. Schreiner University Bachelors in Aviation Studies graduates have ample job opportunities. Many Schreiner University pilot program graduates become:
  • Commercial Pilots
  • Flight Instructors
  • Freight Airline Pilots
  • Military Pilots
  • Regional Airline Pilots
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Charter Operations
In addition, they are pilots for Federal and State Government (i.e., border protection, FBI, law enforcement, transportation).

Admissions Process

We are excited that you are interested in joining the Schreiner University College Pilot Program. To begin the application process, please start your enrollment assessment process here. You can choose to complete the assessment online, over the phone, or in person with an admissions specialist. Schreiner University’s pilot program is a 4-year commitment to earn a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Studies degree.

Aviation Courses/Certificates Offered

You’ll complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete this degree, including the general education requirements and at least 39 senior division hours. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Studies provides the training needed to attain the FAA certifications necessary to become a professional pilot. The academic courses are paired with lab courses at the Kerrville-Kerr County  Airport where students will work with the aircraft both on the ground and in the air. Students will take the controls to gain flight hours. In addition, students take other classes to help them learn how to successfully manage an aircraft and its crew. The aviation courses you complete will all help you get that first interview to become a pilot.

Tuition Costs

Successful students will obtain their private pilot, commercial pilot, and flight instructor certifications. Although students in this program will begin flight training in their first semester, the core of the program is fundamental coursework to prepare for FAA certifications and a career in commercial aviation. Professional pilot program costs listed are an average cost because the actual amount will vary due to individual circumstances. This amount is in addition to room, board, tuition, and other costs associated with earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Undergraduate Aviation Fees: Per first-year lab fee $28,750

Scholarship Opportunities and Financial Aid

Although the investment is significant, the projected employment growth for airline and commercial pilots is higher than any other industry and the 2021 median annual pay for airline and commercial pilots was $130k+. In addition, Schreiner University has a generous scholarship program.

Why US Aviation Academy?

Our top-notch aviation courses are the reason the US Aviation Academy is rated as one of the best flight schools in the United States. You can hear how great our flight school is straight from our student pilots! We prioritize working with your unique schedule and budget to turn your goal of flying into reality. In a short period of time, you can go from zero flying experience to a first officer with one of our many airline partners. Classes start each month and, through our vocational and collegiate programs like Schreiner University, you can obtain your Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates quickly.

Apply to the Schreiner University Pilot Program

Take the next step in becoming a pilot by applying here. For any questions on the Schreiner University Pilot Program and the U.S. Aviation Program, contact us today.

What You’ll Do

  • Work closely with experienced faculty and gain practical experience in a program that will prepare you for commercial aviation
  • Begin flight training in your first semester of college
  • Take pilot training courses at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
  • Graduate with the qualifications to become an FAA Certified Flight Instructor

What You’ll Study

  • AV110 Private Pilots
  • AV390 Aircraft Design
  • ET381 Fundamental of Flight

More About Schreiner University

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Does Schreiner University have an aviation program?

Yes, the aviation program is a 4-year program that concludes with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Is Schreiner University a good aviation school?

It’s one of the best flight schools in the country. The Kerrville-Kerr County Airport hosts Schreiner University pilot program fleet and training facilities.

Is Schreiner University FAA approved?

Yes, the program is FAA Part 141 approved.

How long is Schreiner University Flight School program?

It’s a 4-year program.