Midwest University International A&P Training, Denton, Texas

Midwest University International A&P Training helps with the cost, difficulty, and time requirements to become a pilot. US Aviation Academy is rated as one of the best in the United States. We prioritize working with your unique schedule and budget constraints to turn your goal of flying into reality.

Midwest University Aviation Maintenance (A&P)

A&P Mechanic Program at US Aviation Academy is designed to thoroughly prepare all of our students with a profound knowledge of aircraft. During this program, you will work with live, flight school aircraft. Get real-world experience working on a 145 Repair Station.

Aviation Maintenance (A&P)

International Student Application

International students studying at Midwest University must adhere to immigration laws in order to maintain their F-1 visa status. Consistent and timely registration and completion of courses are vital. Along with academic requirements, students are required to adhere to all Midwest University policies.
  • Apply for F-1 Visa (Collegiate)
  • Complete Embassy Interview
  • Arrive in Denton, Texas for Training!
How To Apply For International Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I becoming an aviation mechanic in America

Yes, Midwest University offers an Aviation Maintenance Program that can be utilized in Texas

Can I get a Visa for aviation maintenance training in America

Yes, you can apply for an F-1 Visa for college and attend US Aviation Academy

How long does it take to finish international A&P training

Aviation maintenance training takes 12 months to get your A&P certificate

Can I get student loans for international A&P training

You must show financial ability to conduct aviation maintenance school in America

International A&P Training programs in Texas

Midwest University aviation maintenance school is in Denton, Texas, Dallas Area

Can I get a visa for aviation maintenance training

Midwest University can help with receiving an F-1 visa where you can train in Texas for your A&P certificate