A&P Mechanic License in Denton, Texas

Obtain your A&P Mechanic License at Denton, Texas. This program developed with US Aviation Academy is designed to thoroughly prepare all of our students with a profound knowledge of aircraft. During this program, you will work with live, flight school aircraft. Get real-world experience working on a 145 Repair Station. Work closely with amazing instructors and learn about the fascinating details of all things aircraft.

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A&P Mechanic Program Overview

Aviation Mechanic 12-Month Accelerated Training

  • All A&P Mechanic training required by the FAA for A&P Certification to take your:
    • Knowledge Exam
    • Oral Exam
    • Practical Exams
  • FAA-approved Part 147 school, which provides students the required experience necessary to get your certificate.
  • Located at the Denton Enterprise Airport (KDTO), a busy towered airport.
  • Provides students with a full immersion into the aviation maintenance world.
  • Courses are taught by instructors who actively assist in maintaining US Aviation’s fleet of over 120 aircraft.

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A&P Mechanic License Program Advantages

A&P Mechanic Denton Texas Benefits and Advantages

US Aviation Academy
    • 12 Months to Complete
    • Under $30,000 in Costs!
    • Tools Provided For Use
    • Industry Leading Partnerships
    • New Facility
    • Start Your Paid Career Sooner!
Competitors Programs
    • 21-24 Months to Complete
    • Over $60,000 in Costs
    • Must Buy Own Tools
    • Limited Partnerships

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Get Your A&P License?

At US Aviation Academy, we have a 12-month accelerated training program specifically designed for prospective A&P Mechanics looking to get their certification fast!

Our Aviation Mechanic School required by the FAA for an A&P Certification states you have to complete your:

  • Knowledge Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Practical Exams

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What is the Average Airplane Mechanic’s Salary?

The average A&P Mechanic Salary was $58,000 in 2022, however, at US Aviation Academy, our Airline partners are offered up to $68,000 a year for a starting salary.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an A&P License?

While prices may vary for each A&P program, we’ve designed our A&P Mechanic Program to offer lower pricing options and separate benefits that our competitors simply can’t match. Our A&P Mechanics Program only costs an affordably low $30,000 and comes with these additional benefits:

  • 12-months to complete
  • Tools provided for use
  • Industry-leading partnerships
  • New facility
  • Accelerated career options

How Long is A&P Mechanic Denton Texas?

Most Airplane Mechanic Schools take around 24 months to complete, our Accelerated 12-month A&P Mechanic Training Program is designed to get you in your paid career faster!

Start your application today to become an A&P Technician in one year!

How to Get AN A&P license with a Military license

Our military members are important to us and as such, we work closely with our Academy team to provide military members with a customized pathway for becoming an A&P Mechanic.

How Much is Aviation Mechanic School

While other A&P Mechanic Programs can cost over $50,000, our A&P program is designed to give you the best financing options for your dream career. The US Aviation Academy A&P Program is under $30,000 in costs and comes with additional benefits including tools, accelerated career options, and exclusive industry-leading partnerships.