A&P Mechanic School in Denton, TX

Discover the best aviation mechanics education at our Denton, TX, branch of the US Aviation Airplane & Mechanics Academy, our highly regarded FAA Part 147-accredited institution. Dive into our comprehensive, year-long accelerated course that focuses on aircraft maintenance and repair. You’ll learn hands-on at live airport, guided by industry-leading instructors, and gain the valuable real-world experience that sets you apart from the crowd.

A&P Mechanic Denton Texas Program & Cost

Start your journey with US Aviation Academy’s A&P Mechanic School, carefully designed to launch your career in aviation maintenance. Through our immersive A&P Mechanic program, students are equipped with the practical know-how to receive their Aircraft Maintenance Technician certification. Our 12-month expedited course is fully compliant with AA standards. At US Aviation Academy, the Federal Aviation Administration endorses our curriculum, ensuring you’re trained under the highest standards for aviation maintenance excellence. Participants will benefit from:
  • Total immersion into the aviation maintenance world.
  • Credentialed and experienced instructors.
  • 12-month accelerated program.
  • Convenient classes are located at the Denton Enterprise (KDTO) Airport.
  • All tools are supplied by US Aviation Academy.
  • Lower cost tuition than competitors.

How Often Do Classes Start for A&P Mechanic Denton Texas

Classes at US Aviation in Denton, Texas, start every month. Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable admissions team for details on the next orientation and start dates. The Accelerated Transition Program is available on a tentative start time, offering those with Aircraft Mechanic experience (usually from military service) the ability to take a three-week oral and practical preparation course at our Denton Campus. Start Application

Accelerated A&P Mechanic Courses

If you’re looking for an exciting job that fuels your passion for aviation mechanics this professional path from US Aviation Academy is fast-paced and designed to get you to work sooner rather than later! Our FAA Part 147 curriculum bypasses the lengthy apprenticeships, propelling you towards earning your FAA Certification in a much shorter time. Adhering to strict FAA guidelines, our curriculum mandates the completion of these courses and passing of critical exams:
  • GEN101 Aviation General Studies
  • GAF102 Aviation General and Airframe Studies
  • AFP103 Aviation Airframe and Powerplant
  • ARF104 Aviation Airframe Studies 1
  • ARF105 Aviation Airframe Studies 2
  • PPT106 Aviation Powerplant Studies 1
  • PPT107 Aviation Powerplant Studies 2
  • PPT108 Aviation Powerplant Studies 3
  • Complete and pass three written exams (General, Airframe, and Powerplant)
  • Complete and pass the FAA practical (hands-on) exam and the FAA oral exam.
You can apply for aircraft mechanic positions once you have passed your oral and practical exams. At US Aviation Academy, you could be at work in 12 months through our accelerated program!

Aircraft Mechanic Tools are Provided

US Aviation Academy ensures all mechanic and technician trainees are fully equipped without the burden of tool costs. We supply all necessary training tools, offering you substantial savings.

Funding Opportunities and Financial Aid

Funding Opportunities and Financial Aid

Veteran Funding & Educational Benefits

There are additional funding programs for veterans including:

The Post 9/11 GI Bill Chapter 33 is a federal education benefits you may qualify for with $27,120.05 as the maximum annual amount and can cover tuition and fees with 82% of training covered. Also includes a monthly housing allowance $2,418 a month. Learn more about this program or contact us today.

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Chapter 31 is a federal education benefits program for veterans with service-connected disabilities. VR&E can provide funding to help veterans transition to civilian careers and up to $33,000 with 100% training covered. Find more information and apply today.

Credentialing Assistance is through the Air Force, National Guard, and Army Continuing Education Opportunities & Lifelong Learning or COOL Program. This program can provide up to $4,000 for certification or licensing exams. Learn more about the Army Credentialing Assistance.

Aviation Mechanic Career Opportunities

US Aviation Academy graduates are poised for a variety of roles in the aviation sector, including supervisory positions, mechanics roles, and opportunities within governmental bodies. With the aviation field’s growth trajectory, our graduates are well-placed for success in Texas and beyond. Start your job search with legacy and charter airlines today.

Why A&P Mechanic Denton Texas with US Aviation Academy?

US Aviation Academy alumni are highly sought after, finding positions with major airlines and maintenance facilities nationwide. Our academy is the place for those aspiring to climb the aviation career ladder, offering unmatched expertise, practical training experiences, financial savings on tuition, and more.

After graduation, students from US Aviation Academy are hired at prestigious legacy and charter airlines in Texas and around the nation. We are proud of the partnerships we have built with:

Train to Be an A&P Mechanic Today!

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Step into the aviation industry with US Aviation Academy’s esteemed A&P Mechanic Program. Gain access to exceptional training, facilities, and the finest instruction at a lower cost and in less time.

Enroll today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled A&P Mechanic.

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