Meet our staff

Mike Sykes Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mike Sykes

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mike Sykes is one of the founders of US Aviation and has worked as the CEO since the company started in January of 2006. Mike’s passion is to help businesses grow through strong leadership while delivering quality services at competitive prices. He attended Claremont McKenna College and has used his accounting degree to establish and build several businesses.  As a instrument pilot himself, the aviation industry was a natural fit for his business building skills.  Outside of work, Mike enjoys water sports, golf, and generally spending time with family.
Mark Taylor Chief Relationship Officer & Co-founder

Mark Taylor

Chief Relationship Officer & Co-founder

Mark has over 35 years of experience in business development, client relations, employee relations, sales and marketing. He holds a BA in Management, a certificate in human resources management and an MBA in Personnel & Industrial Relations. Mark oversees the organizational development of existing and new business relationships, while working with management and team members across all disciplines. Mark has a sincere belief in the value of education, quality training and commitment to community as he served on the University Aviation Association board as an Industry Trustee.
Justin Sykes, Chief Financial Officer

Justin Sykes

Chief Financial Officer

Justin graduated with a BA from Claremont McKenna College, majoring in accounting and went on to obtain his CPA after working for EY for several years.  He also trained at US Aviation and is an instrument-rated Private Pilot of 100 hours.  He enjoys actively being involved in growing and managing a business. On his own time, Justin enjoys water-skiing and driving his “classic” cars.
Scott Sykes Chief Development Officer

Scott Sykes

Chief Development Officer

Scott graduated from Baylor College with a BA in Economics and continued on at UNT to obtain his Masters in Economics.  He also obtained his Private Pilot license at US Aviation.  Scott enjoys the challenges the aviation industry brings: finding the best solution for US Aviation customers, creative problem solving, and pragmatic thinking.  At home, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, five snakes and dog. If he is not home, he is at the lake waterskiing.
Chris Ramey Chief Flight Instructor, VP of Compliance & Standards

Chris Ramey

Chief Flight Instructor, VP of Compliance & Standards

Chris received his Bachelors of Science in Aviation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University 2007. Shortly after graduating, Chris began working as a line instructor for USAA.  He has held many positions as he earned his way up to VP of Compliance & Standards and Chief Flight Instructor.  Chris is a wealth of knowledge regarding FAA standards and flight instruction.

Francesca Gooding

Payroll Manager/ HR Specialist

The mission Francesca strives for each day is to reach out and positively impact as many people as possible. Outside of work, Francesca spends the majority of her time with friends and family. She loves to travel, and enjoys focusing her attention on self-development by reading, exercising, and getting closer to her faith.

Chuck Kim

Managing Director of Asia-Pacific Operations for AMTS

Chuck graduated from State Tech College of Missouri with an FAA A&P license and obtained a master's degree in aviation management from Korea Aerospace University. He is passionate about creating online courses in Air Mobility, Global Manpower Recruitment, and MRO business Management. Outside of work, Chuck enjoys golf, bodybuilding, and mentoring his three children who aspire to become pilots and technicians. He is the CEO of Aquila Aviation Company in South Korea, investing in and operating the FAA Part 147 school at Korea Aerospace University.