Domestic Flight Training Locations

Becoming a certified pilot is an exciting journey! The Academy specialized in Domestic Flight Training to provide students the ability to fly above the rest of the world and share airspace with clouds, birds, and other pilots giving you immense freedom. Pilots can fly for the mere pleasure of flying if they want to or make a lucrative career.

Domestic Flight Training

Domestic Flight Training to become an airline pilot is not just a fanciful dream. It’s a real, attainable goal! The accelerated program puts you on the fast track to an airline career. Just imagine. In two years you could become the first officer at one of our airline partners. Classes start each month, and with our accelerated program, you will obtain your Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates in only nine months. We then hire alumni as flight instructors to help teach future generations of students. Accumulating around 1000 flight hours per year, you as one of our instructors could become a first officer at a regional airline in about 15 months. The unique United Aviate Program will give you a direct path to a major airline.

Domestic Flight Training Programs

However, the cool thing about flying is that pilots can get well paid for their flying expertise—depending on the type of licenses, ratings, and certifications they earn. Below are some of the Advanced Courses that we offer:

Commercial Single-Engine Add-on

  • Commercial Certificate
  • Flight Training: 15 Hours
  • Dual: 10 Hours
  • Solo: 5 Hours
  • Ground Training: 10 hours
  • Pre/Post Flight: 5 Hours

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On

  • Commercial Certificate
  • Flight Training: 20 Hours
  • Dual: 15 Hours
  • Simulator: 5 hours
  • Solo: 0 Hours
  • Pre/Post Flight: 5 Hours
  • Ground Training: 14 hours

Flight Instructor

  • Commercial Certificate
  • Flight Training: 15 Hours
  • Dual: 10 Hours
  • Solo: 5 Hours
  • Ground Training: 10 hours
  • Pre/Post Flight: 5 Hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get a Loan for Pilot Training?

Yes, at US Aviation Academy, we make it easy for our passionate future pilots to receive the flight training financing that works for them. Through our financial partnership with Meritize, we are able to provide our students with accelerated flight training financing for up to $90,000. Along with Meritize, we also offer our Collegiate Programs financing through our partnerships with Tarrant County College, Lone Star College, and Liberty University online.

Domestic Flight Training in New York

Located in Wappinger Falls, New York, we have a Domestic Flight Training center that is two hours north of New York City. At this base, our students train in all four seasons which prepares them to fly anywhere in the world.

To find out more about our Domestic Flight Training center at Wappinger Falls, please check out our full, dedicated Wappinger Falls Flight Training Page.

What Colleges have Aviation Programs?

At US Aviation, we offer both a Bachelors’s and Associates’ Program that we have designed to fit any budget and any timeline. Our Flight Training College Programs feature top-notch courses that are rated one of the best in the U.S. Choose from any of our locations, including:

How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Pilot?

While each flight training program will differ in timelines, our Accelerated Flight Training Program is one of our most successful programs and takes only 9 months.

Apply for training today and obtain your certification in less than a year. Our in-house examiners are FAA authorized, meaning you don’t have to worry about added expenses of flight training through third-party flight examiners.

Are There Grants for Pilot Training?

Yes, upon filling out your FAFSA for our Flight Training College Programs, you may be able to receive a Pell Grant, which, if awarded, will provide you with a certain amount of money to help pay for your tuition.

To learn more about the Flight Training Collegiate Program To-Do List, please check out our dedicated page or contact our Admissions office today.

Domestic Flight Training in Texas

At US Aviation Academy, we offer three different locations to choose from when it comes to Domestic Flight Training. Our Texas locations, include Denton, Fort Worth, and Houston!

At these locations, you can choose from a number of our flight training options, like our Accelerated Domestic Flight Training, which puts our pilots on track to become the first officer of our airline partners in two years or our Collegiate options which work with your schedule and budget!

What is a Discovery Flight?

A discovery flight is your first step to beginning flight training. It is a condensed lesson that is an introduction to the thrill of flight training. After you schedule a discovery flight, you’ll then take an easy, simple first flight to get the full experience for how an average flight training lesson feels!

What is the Cost of Becoming a Commercial Pilot?

While the cost of becoming a commercial pilot can vary, some programs charge almost $100,000. At US Aviation Academy, we work directly with our future pilots to find a method and financial plan that works best for them. We charge an hourly rate and offer an entire flight training program for under $82,000.

To find the Flight Training Financing option that’s right for you, please click here!