US Aviation Academy Partners with United Aviate

United Aviate for Pilots who want to fly for United Airlines as their primary choice for the mainline carrier. US Aviation Academy is an officially partnered school with the United Aviate Academy Program, qualifying you to become a participant in this exciting new program!

United Aviate Academy Program Benefits

  • Direct Path to United
  • Travel Privileges
  • Coaching
  • Development Events

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for United Aviate

  • Hold a minimum of a Private Pilot Certificate.
  • Hold a valid FAA medical certificate that was originally issued as a first-or second-class medical certificate.
  • Be in good standing with your participating Aviate professional flight school.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent
    • Please note: Participants are required to have a bachelor’s degree by the time they transition to United as a First Officer unless they receive an exemption from United.

Regional Airline Options


Transition to United as a First Officer

  • Once you complete your minimum transition requirements with United Express, you’ll be eligible to transition to United as a First Officer
  • When a First Officer position opens with United and you’re at the top of the priority list, you’ll receive a job offer.
  • The sooner you apply to the Aviate program, the higher priority you’ll have for a quicker transition from United Express to United.
  • Once you join United as a First Officer, begin your dream career toward the left seat in the cockpit as a United Captain.

Crew Base Locations For Current Students and Instructors

  • Chicago, IL (ORD) ideal for our Cape Girardeau, Missouri (CGI) Campus
  • Houston, TX (IAH) ideal for our Conroe, Texas (CXO) and Kerrville, Texas (ERV) Campus
  • Washington, DC (DCA) ideal for our Hudson Valley, New York (POU) Campus

Airlines Regularly Visit the Academy  – Check Our Schedule!

Meet Some of our United Aviate Academy Participants

Some are in initial training, some are already Flight Instructors!

  • VA Approved Liberty University FTA United Aviate US Air Force Student Pilots SKillBridge SkyBridge Liberty University Commercial PIlot United Airlines United Aviate Participant United Aviate Liberty University FTA Flight Instructor SkyWest Airlines Acceleterate Flight Training

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