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Tarrant County College Fort Worth Texas

Going to college has become a standard part of entering the job market in any industry, and aviation is no exception. Nowadays, it is quite advantageous to have a  degree when applying to airlines after earning your Air Transport Pilot, or ATP. US Aviation Academy has kept up with this trend by partnering with Tarrant County College, also known as TCC. Jointly, TCC and US Aviation offers fixed-wing training at the largest aviation education facility in Texas. The program can be completed in two years, after which students will have their license, ratings and associate of applied science degree, or AAS. Those looking to continue on to a bachelor’s degree can transfer credits from the Professional Pilot Program at TCC to the University of North Texas’ Aviation Logistic’s program. Tarrant County College’s Professional Pilot Program is our recommended course for most domestic students looking forward to a career in aviation.

The Money

Students will be responsible for paying TCC’s tuition, flight costs, books, and equipment. TCC’s 2019 tuition rate is $64 per semester hour for Tarrant County residents, $126 per hour for other Texas residents and $305 per hour for students located outside of Texas. Please refer to TCC’s website for the most current rates. Compared to other colleges which also offer pilot programs, such as the University of North Dakota which charges $312 per semester hour, these are some of the most affordable rates available today. Books and equipment are estimated to cost $2,000. Flight training costs vary depending on fuel and other costs, so a current quote will be needed to get an up-to-date rate.

Flight training is a large investment, but another benefit of partnering with TCC is access to a greater array of financing options. There are a number of aviation-specific scholarships available, governmental financial aid, such as the FAFSA, and payment plans. In addition to these aids, TCC also accepts veterans’ and military benefits—like a GI bill™. TCC has provided useful information for veterans’ benefits that you can view here.

The Pilot Program

The exact course requirements for the pilot program can be found on TCC’s website. Students must complete courses in five fundamental academic areas: composition, speech, behavioral science, mathematics, and humanities. Despite these core requirements, students’ courses focus primarily on aviation and may range from Aviation Meteorology to Turbine Aircraft Systems.

The flight training is completed in Cessna and Piper aircraft under a part 141 flight program with self-examining authority for many courses. This means the hours required to earn a pilot license are reduced, thus no time is wasted waiting for outside examiners that can prove to be both time consuming and expensive.

Further, graduates who have their CFI are guaranteed an interview with US Aviation for a flight instructor position, allowing for a seamless career progression.


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