Airline Pipeline – Southwest Destination 225

Southwest is known for its incredible Employees. They are proud to offer Employee pathways in a partnership with US Aviation Academy for their Southwest Destination 225°  Employee Pathway. If you’re a Southwest Employee, please see SWALife to learn more.

What is Southwest Destination 225 °

With demand for qualified and skilled pilots only increasing, Destination 225 ° provides a pathway designed to meet future aviators where they are at their current experience level and create opportunities to take them to the right seat of our Southwest aircraft.

Southwest Destination 225 ° Flight Training

  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Single-Engine
  • Commercial Single-Engine Add-on
  • Commercial Multi-Engine
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Instructor

I’m a Southwest Employee, but not a Pilot. Can I apply to the Destination 225 ° program?

Yes! At Southwest Airlines, Employees are encouraged to consider pursuing the career of their dreams, whether on land or in the air. Employee-specific information on Destination 225° is on SWALife > Life & Career > Career Main > Destination 225°.

What are the qualifications and experience required to become a Pilot at Southwest Airlines?

Learn more about the qualifications to become a First Officer at Southwest Airlines at

Where are the Southwest Pilot domiciles?

Southwest domiciles—also referred to as bases—are where a Pilot’s trip typically begins and ends. Our domicile locations include ATL, BWI, MDW, DAL, DEN, HOU, LAS, LAX, OAK, MCO, and PHX. Southwest Pilots bid on their domiciles. Opportunities in each city are based on demand, and this process takes into account seniority, so not all locations may be available during your initial domicile selection.

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