Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Through US Aviation Academy

Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway provides US Aviation Academy graduates with a fast track to the right seat as an airbus A320 first officer with Spirit Airlines!
US Aviation Academy Part 141 Flight Training alumni are eligible to apply for the spirit wings pilot pathway program upon obtaining a minimum of 500 hours total time, receiving a recommendation from Academy leadership, and completing a spirit first officer application.

Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Steps and Benefits

If successful in Spirit’s interview process, cadets will receive a conditional offer of employment, Spirit Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), and receive mentorship as they complete the hours required for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate!
You will be required to complete Spirit-approved ATP/CTP & Jet Transition courses prior to reaching 1,500 hours. After completing all program requirements for an unrestricted ATP certificate, you will be scheduled for initial training as a Spirit First Officer.

How To Participate

  • Apply for Our Accelerated Flight Training
  • Become a Certified Flight Instructor
  • Reach 500 Total Hours
  • Receive a Recommendation for an Interview
  • Reach 1,500 and Complete Spirit-Approved ATP/CTP & Jet Transition Course

Minimum Requirements To Become a Spirit First Officer

  • Meet All Unrestricted ATP Minimums
  • First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport
  • Legal Right to Work in the US

Why Choose Spirit

  • One of the youngest, most fuel-efficient fleets in the industry
  • Opportunities to quickly upgrade from First Officer to Captain
  • 10 crew bases located in or near major metro areas across the US
  • Industry-leading training and great quality of life
  • Airline Pilot Central Profile For Additional Information

Discover Your Dream of Aviation

    • Certified Flight Instructor to Spirit First Officer Southwest Destination 225 Instructor to XO Jet First Officer Southwest Pathway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerated Flight Training?

The ability to fly as quickly as possible to achieve the highest flight training certificate needed to start your time building. 9-months can get you from a private pilot to a certified flight instructor! Learn more about our Accelerated Flight Training Program

Do I Have To Train Part 141 to Participate in Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway?

Our Part 141 Professional Pilot Training is revered for the quality of experience, professionalism, and safety-conscious pilots that it produces. It is a requirement that you attend our training through Part 141 for this program.

Can I Really Apply For Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway at Just 500 Hours?

Absolutely! Our partnership with Spirit Airlines has allowed us to provide our students with exceptional options for their future careers.

How Long Do You Have to Train Before I Am a First Officer?

While our programs are built to work directly with you and your schedule, we recommend enrolling in our Accelerated Training Program in order to earn your Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificate in 9 months.

After completing the 9-month training program, our Flight Instructors average out at about 900 flight hours a year.

Can Flight Training Schools utilize GI Bill®?

US Aviation Academy is a VA Approved Pilot School that can help fully utilize your Veteran and GI Bill® benefits. Learn more about how to maximize our VA Approved Flight Training GI Bill® benefits.