Patti Madewell

Administrative Assistant Patti loves her work and enjoys making a difference every day. She hopes to make someone’s day or life better just because she cares. Outside of work, Patti loves camping with friends, watching Nascar and baking goods. She is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

Francesca Gooding

Flight School Administrator The mission Francesca strives for each day is to reach out and positively impact as many people as possible. Outside of work, Francesca spends the majority of her time with friends and family. She loves to travel, and enjoys focusing her attention on self-development by reading, exercising, and getting closer to her […]

Giselle Fuentes

Communications & Marketing Specialist Giselle enjoys being a result-driven strategist with a passion for contributing to campaigns that help tell US Aviation’s story. She loves promoting the activities of US Aviation and building relationships by being actively engaged in social media and content marketing. Outside of work, Giselle is a freelance photographer that enjoys boxing […]

Erica Garland

Talent Acquisition & Admissions Director Whether it is enrolling a new student or hiring a new instructor, Erica loves being a part of enabling students and instructors to make their dreams come true. Outside of work, Erica is a mom who loves to travel, spend time with friends, and be involved in the Denton community.

Chris Ramey

VP of Compliance & Standards Chris received his Bachelors of Science in Aviation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University 2007. Shortly after graduating, Chris began working as a Line Instructor eventually working his way up to his current position.

Seth Hamilton

VP of International & Domestic Training Seth enjoys problem solving and finding the most efficient ways to do things. Outside of work, Seth loves to spend time with his friends and family. He also loves to travel as often as possible and enjoy learning about different places and cultures.

Dana Bruner

Human Resources & Payroll Manager Dana loves her position in Human Resources because this career path allows her to study human behavior and how that plays into the black and white lines of employment law. Outside of work, Dana is “NanaMomma” to twin girls and when her life isn’t full of unicorns, dresses, bows and […]

Scott Sykes

VP of Business Development Scott enjoys the challenges the aviation industry brings; finding the best solution for US Aviation customers, creative problem solving, and pragmatic thinking. At home, Scott enjoys spending time with his dog, five snakes and wife. If he is not home, he is at the lake water skiing.

Justin Sykes

VP of Accounting & Finance Justin trained at US Aviation and is an instrument-rated Private Pilot of 100 hours. He enjoys actively being involved in growing and managing a business. On his own time, Justin enjoys water-skiing, and driving his “classic” cars.

Mark Taylor

Chief Data Officer Mark oversees the organizational development of existing and new business initiatives, both internal and external. Being strategically involved with the growth and enrichment of people through business is his passion. Mark enjoys merging his work and personal life, making them essentially one and the same.