South Korea Flight School Part 141 with Self-Testing Authority

Private Pilot to Commercial Multi-Engine

  • Flight Time: 199 Hours
  • Simulator Time: 25 Hours
  • Total Hours: 224 Hours
  • Estimated Course Time: 7 to 9 months

Instrument to Commercial Multi-Engine

  • Flight Time: 144 Hours
  • Simulator Time: 25 Hours
  • Total Hours: 169 Hours
  • Estimated Course Time: 5 to 7 months

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Want to complete faster? Take Private, Instrument, and Commercial Ground ONLINE!

Each ground course is four weeks long, for a total of three months of FAA-required Part 141 ground school that can be completed online, at home.


Learn Our Training Processes

It is a smooth process to get started with US Aviation Academy. Sit down with one of our Admissions Specialists to discuss how to start your training process, from Interview to Applying for your Visa.

Initial Interview Phase

  • Program Discussion
  • Financial Ability
  • Apply for I-20
  • Establish a Start Date
  • Start Ground School Online (optional)
  • Arrive for Flight Training!

Part 141 Flight Training with Self-Testing Authority

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Single-Engine
  • Commercial Single-Engine Add-on
  • Commercial Multi-Engine
  • Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Instructor

Bold courses are for our International Students

To continue with other training, such as Certified Flight Instructor, you must attend via an F-1 Visa and may work while maintaining good standing with your Collegiate program.

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Take the extra step to become a Certified Flight Instructor

By becoming a Certified Flight Instructor while attending a College institution with an F-1 Visa, you are able to work while completing your Degree at various locations across America from Texas to New York!

Collegiate Program Locations

  • Denton (Dallas), Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Conroe (Houston), Texas
  • Kerrville (San Antonio), Texas
  • Missouri
  • New York (2 hours from NYC)

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