A Day in the Life of an Aircraft Maintenance Professional

Aircraft Maintenance Professionals: A Day in the Life

Aircraft maintenance professionals play an essential role in aviation industries across the world. These trained professionals maintain the safety and airworthiness of aircraft vehicles through regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance. If you are interested in becoming an integral part of one of the most indispensable transportation methods in the world, keep reading! In this blog, we’re looking at a day in the life of an aircraft maintenance professional.

What Does an Aircraft Maintenance Professional Do?

To understand the daily life of an aircraft maintenance professional, you must first understand their duties. Aircraft maintenance professionals are certified aircraft mechanics who work to ensure an aircraft is working properly before it takes off. They will perform preventive tests and inspections while conducting the necessary repairs and installations needed for safe aircraft operation. Depending on the type of aircraft maintenance professional you are, you’ll be active in aircraft analysis, including features such as hydraulics, fuel pumps, landing gear, engines, and much more.

If you are working as an aircraft maintenance professional, you would be most likely stationed at a hangar, an airfield, or an aircraft repair station. These locations will be loud, and busy, and will be subject to all weather conditions. Aircraft maintenance professionals wear earplugs for the noise and vibrantly colored clothing to be clearly visible to others. Further, aircraft maintenance professionals have to work around strict deadlines due to scheduled departures. These skilled and efficient professionals must work in a timely manner without sacrificing any attention to detail. Being an aircraft maintenance professional means being an important part of a necessary system; it is a purposeful and essential career.

Types of Aircraft Maintenance Professionals

While aircraft maintenance professionals serve the same general purpose, what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis may differ depending on the discipline you pursue. Here are the different kinds of aircraft maintenance professionals and what their specification entails:

  • Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics (A&P): To be this type of aircraft maintenance professional, you must possess an A&P license. This FAA mechanic license allows a mechanic to work on both the airframe and the engine of the aircraft. The two separate aspects of an A&P license are the Airframe Mechanic license and Powerplant Mechanic license. The Airframe Mechanic discipline refers to the service of the body of an aircraft, while the Powerplant Mechanic discipline focuses on the engine of an aircraft. Additionally, an A&P license can be easily obtained after only a year in certain A&P courses like US Aviation’s.
  • Avionics Technician: These aircraft maintenance professionals focus specifically on an aircraft’s electronic system and instruments. Instead of working with the body or engine of an aircraft, this professional would make repairs and run maintenance on radar systems, navigation guides, and radio communications devices. This role is just as essential to other types of aircraft maintenance professions as navigation and communication are pivotal aspects of flying.
  • Inspection Authorization Mechanic (IA): This field consists of experienced A&P aircraft mechanics who operate to give the final approval before an aircraft or engine is placed back in active service after a significant repair. This substantial responsibility is reserved for those who have been actively maintaining aircraft for the previous two years and have possessed their A&P certification for three years.

While each job differs in responsibilities, it is understood that each role is equally essential to the process of safe aerial transportation. Whatever field you choose, this career is a stable, respected choice for individuals who are passionate about aviation.

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