Destination 225°

Destination 225°

We’re proud to partner with Southwest Airlines for the Destination 225° Program.

What is the Southwest Airlines Destination 225° Program?

On a compass rose, 225° was developed to lead aspiring pilots to Southwest Airlines. The Southwest Airlines Destination 225 Program includes various pathways to provide the opportunity to get you to the right seat of a Southwest aircraft. US Aviation Academy has partnered with Southwest Airlines to provide a pathway for their employees.

What Are Different Destination 225° Pathways?

  • Destination 225° Cadet Pathway

The Destination 225° Cadet pathway is an ab initio—“from the beginning”—program. If you don’t have previous experience as a pilot, this four- to the five-year program is for you. Southwest is proud to offer this program in a partnership with CAE, a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets. Our program partners for the Cadet pathway include XOJET Aviation and Jet Linx.

  • Destination 225° University Pathway

The Destination 225° University pathway is designed for collegiate aviators who attend a Southwest partner university or complete a Southwest Campus Reach Internship. Southwest is working to partner with four universities to offer this transition training: the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, the University of Oklahoma, and Arizona State University. Our University pathway corporate flying partners include XOJET Aviation, Jet Linx, and iAero Group’s Swift Air.

  • Destination 225° Military Pathway

This pathway bridges the gap for active military pilots who do not yet meet the minimums to start their career as airline pilot. If you have transitioned to a staff assignment or are a rotor/powerlift military pilot, this pathway could help you develop the skills and experience for fixed-wing airline operations. Southwest is proud to offer this transition training through a partnership with Bell Murray Aerospace to meet you at your current experience level and help you prepare for your next career. Bell Murray Aerospace, an FAA 142 Training Center, is a company dedicated to exploring training opportunities in all areas of aerospace, including individual pilot training, corporate, and military aviation operations. The corporate partners for the Military pathway are iAero Group’s Swift Air, XOJET Aviation, and Jet Linx.

  • Destination 225° Employee Pathway

At Southwest, we’re known for our incredible Employees. We are proud to offer Employee pathways in a partnership with CAE, a worldwide leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets, and US Aviation Academy. Our corporate partners for the Employee pathway are XOJET Aviation, Jet Linx, and iAero Group’s Swift Air. If you’re a Southwest Employee, please see SWALife to learn more.

Why is Southwest Airlines Introducing Destination 225°?

Today, Southwest is fortunate to attract top candidates to fill their Pilot positions at Southwest Airlines; however, they see a potential shortage ahead.

There are many contributing factors, from barriers to entry (money, time) to military drawdown to heavy retirements hitting the industry in the next decade. Destination 225° will help them reduce our dependency on the open market by creating opportunities for future pilots to be trained on how to fly and, specifically, how to fly the Southwest Way.

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