How to Find Affordable A&P Mechanic Programs

How to Find Affordable A&P Mechanic Programs

If you’re looking to become an aviation maintenance technician, you’ve come to the right place. In the last few years, the need for qualified, well-trained aviation mechanics have only risen, making now the best time to step into a career as an A&P aircraft mechanic.

With just the average A&P aircraft mechanic starting salary already higher than the national average starting salary, there’s never been a better time to learn how to become an A&P technician.

But, how do you start? And where can you find affordable A&P training options?

At US Aviation Academy, our A&P maintenance program is renowned for its preparation, instruction, and flexible financing options, which allow prospective students of all backgrounds to obtain a certification and start a career as an A&P technician they’re passionate about.

Keep reading to learn more about what exactly you should look for when searching for an aviation technician program and how US Aviation Academy’s flexible training options can help you.

What to Look for in an A&P Mechanic Training Program

When looking for an A&P maintenance training program, there are a few things you should be looking out for, including tool purchase requirements, proximity to airports, and accelerated options.

Here are our top six must-haves when it comes to what an A&P training program should have.

Accelerated Training Options

For individuals looking to get into their career fast, an elite A&P training program should have an accelerated training option. Typically, a program will take anywhere from 21 months to 24 months to complete, but at US Aviation Academy, you can get your certification in 12-months.

Academy-Provided Tools

Aviation maintenance tools can cost thousands of dollars and for many students, that’s unaffordable. A good A&P aircraft mechanic program should provide the tools to each student, so that each student can focus on their training and not how they’re going to pay for the tools they’ll need.

Close Proximity to Airports

An advantage for aviation training programs that are close in proximity to airports is that these programs often have numerous contacts that can help graduates get a job post-graduation. It’s also beneficial for real-world experience that can only come from having a real airport close by.

Experienced Instructors

No matter what training program you choose, you should always make sure that the instructors have previous, real-world experience in order to provide you with the knowledge and techniques you’ll need to become an expert A&P aircraft mechanic.

At US Aviation Academy, our courses are taught by instructors who actively assist in maintaining US Aviation’s fleet of over 120 aircrafts.

Flexible Financing Options

The best A&P mechanic training programs will have flexible financing options for individuals who may require additional help with the cost of attending. At US Aviation Academy, we believe the investment in your future shouldn’t be dictated by cost, which is why we offer our prospective students a multitude of ways to finance their future.

Not only is the original cost of our aviation mechanic school nearly half the cost of other programs, we offer the best financing options for those looking to become a professional aircraft mechanic. Simply, choose from our two great lending partners, each with customizable solutions and easy-to-use application instructions that are based around your unique needs.

VA Approved A&P Mechanic Program Financing Options

It’s vital that each A&P mechanic program have VA approved options for veterans looking to advance or further their career by becoming an aircraft mechanic. US Aviation Academy is a VA approved, A&P mechanic program that is designed to prepare each of our students – including our veterans, about the world of aircraft maintenance.

Veterans can use their Veteran benefits Post/911 GI Bill® to receive an A&P certificate while only using 12-months of benefits.

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