Flight School & Training Program for Students from India

US Aviation Academy gladly offers flight training in the United States for international students from India. We have had dozens of students from India and are familiar with DGCA regulations. Experience with DGCA paperwork is essential in ensuring a smooth transition process upon return. Our flight program for India is outlined below.

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Flight School & Training Program for India

DGCA Compliant Program

  • Flight Time: 234 hours, Simulation time: 21 hours, Total: 255 hours
  • Estimated Course Time: 8 to 10 months
  • Estimated Total Cost: $85,032*

Our India Flight Training Program Is The Leader In:


  • Quality Instructors
  • Large Fleet
  • Trusted by Many


  • Cost-Effective
  • On Time
  • On Budget


  • We Train More Pilots
  • Comprehensive System
  • Excellent Safety Record

*Total training costs are dependent upon multiple factors, including type of aircraft utilized, fuel costs and the student’s duration of stay, and are subject to change at US Aviation Academy’s discretion.


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