Air National Guard Palace Chase Program

Palace Chase Program Air Guard can be used by Active Duty Air Force Airmen looking to reduce their military service obligation by serving their remaining time in an Air National Guard unit while attending US Aviation Academy for Flight Training. Airmen transitioning from Active Duty (AD) are eligible to receive an honorable early release from their AD commitment in exchange for a commitment to transition directly into the Air National Guard.
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Benefits of the Palace Chase Program Air Guard

  • Reduction of up to half of your original contract
  • Reenlistment Bonuses
  • Part-Time Pay
  • Tricare Eligibility 

Why Get Out of Active Duty Early?

The Airline Industry is all about your seniority number! The sooner you get that number, the more time you will have earning at the highest tier possible as a Captain of a Mainline Airline. The earning potential at that tier is $20,000 a month* minimum, so every month you delay, that’s money lost!
*According to American Airline Captains make $345,666 a year. This number is likely based on max seniority and is a conservative average. Some may make less; others may make more
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