US Aviation Academy Partners with American Eagle Airlines

US Aviation Academy Partners with American Eagle Airlines

Denton, TX – American Eagle Airlines has partnered with US Aviation Academy to develop a Pipeline Instructor Program, a career path from Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to Regional Airline Pilot. This exciting new program gives pilots a secured position at American Eagle Airlines while building time towards the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification minimum flight experience requirements.

Once pilots are approved by both American Eagle and US Aviation Academy, the pilots will be hired by American Eagle and work as an instructor at the flight school until reaching ATP minimums.

“Our pipeline instructor program is the first coordinated initiative of its kind to address the worldwide pilot shortage and we are excited to be on the front lines with American Eagle,” said Mike Sykes, CEO of US Aviation Academy. “With our 2 locations in North Texas, our affiliations with several international airlines, and our exceptional training record, US Aviation Academy is uniquely qualified and strategically positioned to tackle this challenge.”

As reported earlier this year by USA Today, a pilot shortage looms large for US airlines. Specific reasons listed in the January 6 article are the mandatory retirement of current pilots with no back-fill, new FAA requirements, increased domestic air travel, the lack of military pilots, and foreign airlines wooing domestic commercial pilots to meet their ever-increasing travel demands.

The US Airlines alone project a need for 8,000 new pilots a year to maintain current flight schedules. However, finding qualified pilots is a global challenge. A 2012 report from Boeing estimated a worldwide need for 460,000 new commercial pilots over the next two decades. The report found “a pilot shortage has already arisen in many regions of the world,”, particularly in Asia, where the gap was causing delays and other flight interruptions. It is widely reported the Asia-Pacific region will need 185,600 new pilots, the most of any region.

US Aviation Academy is a CFR Part 141 flight school headquartered at Denton Enterprise Airport in Denton TX.  USAA is recognized as one of the top 10 aviation academies in the nation with campus locations at Denton and Sherman, TX, The Academy provides flight training for flight enthusiasts to the career pilot, serving both domestic and international students with reliable and affordable aircraft. For more information contact Tiffaney Whittington [email protected] +1-940-297-6419 and visit


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