US Aviation Academy Welcomes Norwegian Pilot Flight Academy Students January 2021

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US Aviation Academy Welcomes Norwegian Pilot Flight Academy Students

DENTON, Texas, January 12, 2021 – US Aviation Academy (USAA) welcomes its first class of student pilots from Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) in Norway. Fourteen Norwegian student pilots will be completing an extended Private Pilot curriculum that involves 45 hours of dual flight and 50 hours of solo flight.

About Aviation Training

USAA flight instructors are granted a special permit by permit by the Norwegian Civil Air Authority (NCAA) and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) to teach dual enrollment course. US Aviation’s Denton campus in an approved Aviation Training Organization (ATO) under PFA’s EASA certificate.

In addition, PFA students have the option to complete an FAA Private Pilot certificate while earning credit hours towards their EASA certification. Upon completion of the course, the students will return to Norway to continue training in Instrument and Multi-Engine curriculums.

Seth Hamilton – ‘We are Motivated”

“We are motivated about the possibilities of training students under the EASA curriculum, and better equipping our instructors for their future endeavors as professional pilots,” said Seth Hamilton, Vice President of International and Domestic Training. “The students from Norway are excited that they will be able to take advantage of better winter weather and have the ability to complete their training faster in Denton, Texas.”

Norway and other European countries train under EASA regulations which are very different from the FAA training regulations that govern in the United States, which includes different minimum flight hours required. Pilot School students from Fort Worth can obtain a First Officer position with an airline in as little as 250 hours.

PFA and USAA Partnership

The partnership with PFA and USAA will bring 120-150 students per year initially but is expected to increase. The students will be attending US Aviation training at the Denton campus (KDTO) for three months and will be followed by three more groups scheduled for February, April, and May 2021.

About US Aviation Academy

US Aviation Academy has provided world-class professional flight training since 2006, offering accelerated professional pilot training to domestic students and contract international airline students. In addition to providing training for collegiate partnership programs and the United States Department of Defense. USAA offer FAA Part 141 training including Private, Instrument, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor ratings.

US Aviation Academy has a fleet of over 120 aircraft and simulators, making it one of the largest flight training academies in the United States. USAA conducts flight operations out of Denton Enterprise Airport (KDTO), Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO), Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW) and Hudson Valley Regional Airport (KPOU)

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About Pilot Flight Academy

Pilot Flight Academy is one of Europe’s largest and most modern flight academies and is located at Sandefjord airport Torp and Notodden airport Tuven. The academy has a large international environment with 350 students. PFA’s goal is to educate professional and skilled pilots that are sought after by the airlines.

If you would like more information about PFA, please visit Pilot Flight Academy.