US Aviation Group Receives Exceptional Ratings For 5th Consecutive Year

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US Aviation Group Receives Exceptional Ratings For 5th Consecutive Year

Chickatay Inc. (US Aviation Group) recently submitted concurrence and comments to the Department of Defense (DoD) in acknowledgment of their 5th consecutive year of earning “Exceptional” ratings for the administration of the Introductory Flight Orientation ( IFO ) Foreign Military Sales ( FMS ) contract # FA300211D0010.

The United States Air Force and DoD use the Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) to assess a contractor’s performance that provides a record on a given contractor during a specific period of time. “Exceptional” is the highest rating category allowed by the DoD. Each assessment is based on objective facts and supported by program and contract management data, such as cost performance reports, customer comments, quality reviews, financial solvency assessments, functional performance evaluations, and earned contract incentives.

The $45,000,000.00 IFO-FMS contract was awarded to Chickatay Inc. (US Aviation Group) in September of 2011 and since then, they have trained international military officers from 6 different allied nations spanning 4 continents: North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. “We are honored and pleased to be recognized as an exceptional provider of flight training to the DoD,” said Mark Taylor, Director, and CEO of Chickatay Inc. “This recognition for 5 consecutive years validates our team as the best in the industry for this type of training. We take great pride in doing our part to protect the strategic military interests of the United States and those of our allied nations.”

The DoD has classified this IFO-FMS contract as (high complexity) and awarded Exceptional ratings in Management, Cost Control, and Scheduling. The assessing official and contracting officer wrote: Chickatay/US Aviation Group has provided very good quality on this contract. They provide an outstanding training program that has been in accordance with the performance objectives of the Performance Work Statement (PWS). Chickatay / US Aviation Group has proven to handle challenges in an extremely professional manner and ensure issues are resolved promptly.

In regard to management, the contracting officer wrote: Chickatay/ US Aviation Group’s management of this contract has been exceptional. They go above and beyond to ensure good communication by providing a monthly status report for customers that provides details on student progression and challenges. They have been reliable in meeting all the contract performance requirements and in many instances have exceeded expectations through their willingness to support the needs of students.

Chief Operating Officer and Commander of Military Training, JR Starch said, “We are training future warfighters here at US Aviation, – a task we execute with great care and determination. It is an honor to receive such high marks and we appreciate this recognition from the US Air Force.”

Additional comments at the conclusion of the report were: Chickatay/ US Aviation has continued their impeccable performance in meeting the objectives of this contract. Given their ability to perform with such a high level of expertise and professionalism, I would most certainly recommend them for similar requirements in the future. Chickatay / US Aviation have been a pleasure to work with as they have provided services that have thoroughly impressed our international customers. Numerous student surveys expressed their gratitude for the quality training they have received.

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