US Aviation Upgrades to Green Technology

Aircraft Green Technology

Denton, TX – US Aviation Services has taken a major step by upgrading to “green” technology, utilizing renewable energy in the form of solar panels on top of two large maintenance buildings. The buildings, which are used for aircraft inspections, maintenance, and aircraft performance enhancements, have a total footprint of 28,800 square feet.

On sunny days, the panels will produce 14KW of electrical energy or about half of the daily requirements of the hangars. Denton city officials inspected the installation and authorized the company to go online with the system. “We passed with flying colors,” said Jeff Soules, President of US Aviation Services, which is part of US Aviation Group. “Our hope is to eventually become totally independent in generating our own energy at the airport.”

US Aviation Services provides single, multi-engine, turboprop, jet, and Light-Sport Aircraft servicing at Denton Airport. The company is an FAA 145 Repair Station (U9FR750K) that just opened a full-service FBO.

For more information: or 866-383-2400.