USAA Welcomes Pilot Cadets from China Southern Airlines

  China’s Southern Airlines Cadet Program

China Southern Airlines Cadet Program

US Aviation Academy received a class of pilot cadets (#120) from China Southern Airlines this week, welcoming 26 new students to the GYI campus for the commercial pilot training in the US for international students. The cadets were greeted by management and staff upon their arrival at DFW Airport early Tuesday morning and transported to their living quarters in Sherman, TX. The students enjoyed a hearty breakfast and a shopping trip to the Asian Market for specialty food items to stock their pantries.

“Providing the Students with provisions, accommodations, and guidelines for assimilation into their new surroundings is a critical part of the overall orientation process”, said Christy Williams, Director of Housing for US Aviation Academy. “We rely on our Student Services team to make certain each cadet feels welcome and understands the role each of us plays to make their stay enjoyable and conducive to a productive and robust training environment.”

US Aviation is happy to partner with China Southern Airlines to advance pilot careers all over the globe.

Making Headway for International Students’ Pilot Career

Executive Vice-President and Chief Development Officer for US Aviation Academy, Mark Taylor stated, “This group of cadets is class #120 with class #121 arriving from China in a few weeks. US Aviation Academy is leading the way for growth in the international flight training market and we are preparing to open another domestic student campus a few weeks in affiliation with Lone Star College, Montgomery campus at Conroe, TX.”

Interested in China’s Southern Airlines Cadet Program?

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