What is US Aviation Academy’s Accelerated A&P Mechanic Program?

US Aviation Academy’s Accelerated A&P Mechanic Program

With A&P mechanic careers on the rise, now is the best time to consider enrolling in an accelerated A&P mechanics program that can get you a certification and career all in just 12-months. With US Aviation Academy, prospective professionals in the aviation mechanics industry can get exclusive, competitive benefits that other programs simply can’t match.

Keep reading to learn more about our accelerated A&P certification program and how you can apply to start training today!

What is US Aviation Academy’s A&P Program?

The A&P mechanic program at US Aviation Academy offers young professionals a way to get certified in aircraft mechanics, all while getting real-world experience and learning with industry professionals. During the 12-month accelerated program, students will receive thorough training in the world of aircraft mechanics and get to work on a number of different projects and live flight school aircraft, including 145 Repair Stations.

US Aviation Academy’s A&P Mechanic Program vs. Competitor Aviation School

While other Aviation Maintenance Schools require 21 to 24 months of training in order to receive a certification, US Aviation Academy offers an accelerated program that guarantees an aircraft mechanic certification upon the completion of the FAA-required examination process.

Students are also uniquely able to take advantage of the numerous contacts (in both Texas, New York, and beyond) that the US Aviation Academy has acquired over the nearly 20 years of service.

Benefits of US Aviation Academy’s Accelerated Program

Because US Aviation Academy is able to provide students with a hands-on, full immersion program in less than the standard two years of other Aviation Maintenance Schools, students are able to benefit heavily from a variety of ways that the other Aviation Maintenance Schools can’t compete with.

Save Money

Aviation Academy’s A&P mechanic program costs nearly half of what other programs are charging and delivers twice as many resources, tools, and industry-leading partnerships. While other Aviation Maintenance Schools are charging over $50,000, US Aviation’s program is under $27,000 with elite financing options so that everyone can have their dream career.

Start Working Sooner

The A&P mechanic program at US Aviation is accelerated and designed to get students into their dream careers faster than a standard program. As required by the FAA, aviation mechanic graduates need to complete a knowledge exam, an oral exam, and a practical exam before they can receive a certification.

For graduates looking to get immediately started in a variety of operations, US Aviation Academy’s close proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) airport creates a lot of opportunities, as aviation mechanics are always in demand.

Get Access to Industry Tools and Resources

A common situation for students looking at competitor aviation mechanic programs is that they are required to purchase their own tools. At US Aviation Academy, we never make our students pay for their own tools and automatically provide all the tools they’ll need to succeed and participate.

A&P Accelerated Program Financing Options

At US Aviation Academy, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, which is why we offer multiple aviation maintenance financing options for our students who need extra help covering the costs!

Start Your Accelerated A&P Certification Process Today at US Aviation Academy!

At US Aviation Academy our mission is to deliver the highest quality education for both prospective aircraft mechanics and future pilots all over the world! We have spent years designing each program to deliver actionable results and long-lasting careers for our graduates.

If you’re looking to get started as an aircraft mechanic today, apply for the program or contact us!