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A&P Mechanic San Marcos, TX with US Aviation’s Airplane & Mechanical School is an accredited FAA Part 147 school. We offer the most extensive curriculum that covers all aspects of aircraft maintenance in our 12-month accelerated training program. You’ll receive valuable real-world experience alongside the best instructors.

A&P Mechanic San Marcos, TX, Program & Cost

We offer a comprehensive program designed to prepare you for a rewarding career in the aviation industry. Our A&P Mechanics School equips students with the hands-on skills to become certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. Sign up for the 12-month accelerated training that meets all FAA requirements. As an FAA-approved Part 147 School, US Aviation Academy and its A&P Mechanic School have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to train students in skills and requirements needed for careers in the aviation maintenance industry. Additionally, students will receive:
  • Total immersion into the aviation maintenance world.
  • Credentialed and experienced instructors.
  • 12-month accelerated program.
  • Convenient classes are located at the San Marco Airport.
  • All tools are supplied by US Aviation Academy.
  • Lower cost tuition than competitors

Accelerated  A&P Mechanic San Marcos, TX Courses

If you have a passion for mechanics, or looking for a career change, US Aviation Academy’s accelerated A&P Mechanic courses are designed to get you to work fast. We offer the FAA Part 147 program. This program allows you to skip the apprenticeship that can last for several years. Here you can earn your FAA Certification sooner and get to work faster. The A&P Mechanic courses follow FAA guidelines, and students must complete the following courses and pass all the required exams:
  • General Technician — Aviation Maintenance
  • Airframe Technician Part 1 — Aviation Maintenance
  • Airframe Technician Part 2 — Aviation Maintenance
  • Powerplant Technician Part 1 — Aviation Maintenance
  • Powerplant Technician Part 2 — Aviation Maintenance
  • Complete and pass three written exams (General, Airframe, and Powerplant).
  • Complete and pass the FAA practical (hands-on) exam and the FAA oral exam.
You can apply for aircraft mechanic positions once you have passed your oral and practical exams. At US Aviation Academy, you could be at work in 12 months through our accelerated program!

The A&P Mechanic Shortage in San Marcos Texas: Challenges and Solutions

Aviation Mechanic Career Opportunities

After graduation, prepare to find diverse career options for US Aviation Academy graduates. From supervisory roles, airframe and powerplant mechanics, line mechanics, or within government agencies, there are career opportunities in airports throughout Texas and nationwide. With the aviation industry continuously growing, graduates look to a promising future. Search for new positions at legacy and charter airlines below to get started.

A&P Mechanics’ Salaries at American Airlines in San Marcos Texas

Why US Aviation Academy?

Our graduates go on to work at airlines and repair facilities across the country. These include Southwest Airlines, Envoy (a subsidiary of American Airlines), Endeavor (a subsidiary of Delta), and more. US Aviation Academy is the perfect destination for aspiring pilots and mechanics looking to soar to greater career heights. With our unrivaled expertise, the best instructors, hands-on training, and commitment to students through our lower-cost tuition and other cost savings, we help students pave the way to a better future. After graduation, students from US Aviation Academy are hired at prestigious legacy and charter airlines in Texas and around the nation. We are proud of the partnerships we have built with:

Train to Be an A&P Mechanic San Marcos, TX Today!

Don’t miss out on the chance to work in the aviation industry. Enroll now at US Academy’s certified A&P Mechanic Program and unlock the doors to a world of opportunities as an A&P Mechanic. With our accelerated, FAA Approved Part 147 Program, top-notch facilities, lower costs, and experienced instructors. You’ll receive the best training in the shortest amount of time. Take the first steps towards an exciting and rewarding career in the aviation industry – secure your spot in the A&P Mechanic program at US Aviation Academy today!

A&P Mechanic Program Benefits and Advantages

US Aviation Academy
  • 12 Months to Complete
  • Under $33,000 in Costs!
  • Tools Provided For Use
  • Industry Leading Partnerships
  • New Facility
  • Start Your Paid Career Sooner!
Competitor Programs
  • 21-24 Months to Complete
  • Over $65,000 in Costs
  • Must Buy Own Tools
  • Limited Partnerships

From Ramp Agents to A&P Mechanics San Marcos, Texas

Photo Gallery of San Marcos Campus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in San Marcos TX Is The Training?

US Aviation Academy’s A&P Mechanic San Marcos Texas Training Program’s Campus is located at 2049 Airport Drive, San Marcos, Texas 78666. It is half way between San Antonio, Texas, and Austin, Texas.

How long does it take to get your A&P License?

At US Aviation Academy, we have a 12-month accelerated training program specifically designed for prospective A&P mechanics looking to get their certification fast! Our aviation mechanic school required by the FAA for an A&P Certification states you have to complete your:
  • Knowledge Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Practical Exams
To start your A&P Application Today, please click here!

What is the average airplane mechanic’s salary?

The average A&P mechanic salary was $58,000 in 2022, however, at US Aviation Academy, our airline partners are offered up to $68,000 a year for a starting salary.

How much does it cost to get an A&P License?

While prices may vary for each A&P program, we’ve designed our A&P mechanic program to offer lower pricing options and separate benefits that our competitors simply can’t match. Our A&P mechanics program only costs an affordably low $33,000 and comes with these additional benefits:
  • 12-months to complete’
  • Tools provided for use
  • Industry-leading partnerships
  • New facility
  • Accelerated career options

How long is A&P Mechanic San Marcos, TX Training?

Most airplane mechanic schools take around 24 months to complete, our accelerated 12-month A&P mechanic training program is designed to get you in your paid career faster! Start your application today to become an A&P technician in one year!

How to get an A&P license with a military license?

Our military members are important to us and as such, we work closely with our academy team to provide military members with a customized pathway for becoming an A&P mechanic.

How much is Aviation Mechanic School?

While other A&P mechanic programs can cost over $60,000, our A&P program is designed to give you the best financial options for your dream career. The US Aviation Academy A&P program is under $33,000 in costs and comes with additional benefits including tools, accelerated career options, and exclusive industry-leading partnerships.

How Often Do Classes Start?

US Aviation starts classes every 6-10 weeks in San Marcos, Texas. Please contact admissions for upcoming orientation and start dates.

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