Apply Now for an AOPA Flight Training Scholarship!

Apply Now for an AOPA Flight Training Scholarship!

Becoming a pilot can be expensive, but the AOPA Foundation wants to help by providing scholarships to 10 deserving flight students. Nine will be given $9,000 and one especially worthy applicant will receive $12,000.

Applicants must be pursuing a sport, recreational, or private pilot certificate, such as those offered by US Aviation Academy. To earn the scholarship, you must also be a US resident 16 years or older, hold a current FAA student pilot certificate, be a paying member of the AOPA, and not have completed their check ride at the time of application.

Candidates who believe their past accomplishments and desire will put them above the rest should apply here.

What is the AOPA Flight Training Scholarship?

Made possible through donations to the AOPA Foundation, scholarship awards are part of the You Can Fly program, a series of targeted initiatives designed to make flying more affordable, accessible, and fun. Scholarships are a major benefit of AOPA membership, helping members reach their aviation goals.

The AOPA Foundation’s You Can Fly Scholarships are available in four categories:

  • High School Flight Training Scholarship
  • Teacher Flight Training Scholarship
  • Primary Flight Training Scholarship
  • Advanced Rating Scholarship

The High School Flight Training Scholarship, Teacher Flight Training Scholarship, and Primary Flight Training Scholarship provide funds for winners to apply toward training for their private, sport, or recreational pilot certificate. The Advanced Rating Scholarship provides funds for instrument rating; commercial pilot certificate; and flight instructor, instrument instructor, and multiengine instructor certificates.

There are certain criteria that must be met to qualify for You Can Fly Scholarships. Those requirements will differ for each specific scholarship, but the three basic requirements to be awarded a scholarship are:

  • Must be an AOPA member – both at the time of application and when the scholarship is awarded
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Must have passed the FAA Knowledge Exam prior to submitting an application

AOPA Flight Training Scholarship 2021

The AOPA Foundation has awarded more than $1.1 million to 124 scholarship recipients—high school students and teachers, aspiring pilots, pilots in training, and pilots pursuing advanced ratings.

“We are thrilled with our generous donors and the impact they are making for these scholarship winners,” said AOPA Foundation Executive Director Melissa Rudinger. “High schoolers are able to get an early start in aviation, aviation teachers can gain a better understanding of the material they teach by learning to fly, others can continue their primary training, and already certificated pilots can work on higher ratings and certificates.”

The scholarship program is one way the AOPA Foundation is helping to create a stronger, safer pilot community. In addition to scholarships, generous donations to the AOPA Foundation also fund the AOPA Air Safety Institute, which provides free safety programming for pilots, and the You Can Fly program, which offers aviation high school curriculum to schools free of charge, helps start flying clubs, works to improve the flight training experience, and helps rusty pilots return to the air.

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