The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: What Does This Mean?

The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: What This Means for the Airframe & Powerplant Industry

Following the ongoing shortage of U.S. airline pilots, the industry is now experiencing a somewhat new shortage: the aircraft mechanic shortage.

Like the pilot shortage, this devastating lack of skilled airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics will have a serious impact on the aviation industry, causing increased flight costs, diminished aviation activity, and more layovers/cancellations.

The exacerbation of the pilot shortage by Covid-related early retirements has affected aircraft mechanics as well. According to data collected from the Oliver Wyman consulting firm, “80% of North American respondents said that finding mechanics and technicians has become challenging.”

How the Airframe & Powerplant Industry is Combatting This

The good news for Airframe & Powerplant technicians is that the Industry is combatting the shortage with efforts to increase the number of aircraft mechanics across the nation, including high sign-on bonuses, reduced health insurance premiums, double vacation accruals, and matched 401(k) contributions.

The shortage has created a slight shift in the industry as a whole, but for prospective aircraft mechanics and those looking to explore the field further, this dip has actually prompted a higher return for services rendered and offered a brighter future for this valuable skill.

The Bright Future for Aircraft Mechanics

The North American Aviation industry is looking to hire 132,000 technicians between the years of 2021 and 2040, meaning if you’ve been considering a career as an aircraft mechanic, now is the time to join.

Financially, there’s never been a higher return for prospective aircraft mechanics in the past and this profession, while still expected to maintain its shortage dip in the next five years, is also expected to expand by 2040, as worldwide aviation expands.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for aircraft mechanics and technicians has risen 11% in just two years, for a first-year aircraft mechanic. An aircraft mechanic can go from a technician program to a full-time career in just 12 months – a positive outlook on a desperately sought-after career.

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