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TECHNICIAN OPPORTUNITIES FOR TEXANS A 12-MONTH PROGRAM AT NO COST Original article found here: The U.S. Department of Labor’s North Texas Job Corps Center and the US Aviation Academy are partnering to offer tuition-free training for young Texas residents interested in aviation maintenance. Texas residents ages 18 to 24 are eligible for tuition-free aviation maintenance training through the […]

The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: What Does This Mean?

The Aircraft Mechanic Shortage: What This Means for the Airframe & Powerplant Industry Following the ongoing shortage of U.S. airline pilots, the industry is now experiencing a somewhat new shortage: the aircraft mechanic shortage. Like the pilot shortage, this devastating lack of skilled airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics will have a serious impact on the […]

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United Airlines Aviate Talks Pilot Hiring at US Aviation Academy

United Aviate is coming back to US Aviation Academy Are you ready to apply for your dream career through Aviate? If the answer is yes, or you just want to learn more about the application process and meet some of our UAX Partners, then Aviate has the perfect opportunity for you! The United Pilot Hiring […]

United Aviate

The CFI Shortage is Here

Flight Instructor Shortage Is there a Certified Instructor Pilot (CFI) pilot shortage? This has been a hotly debated topic for some time, particularly after the enactment of new Air Transport Pilot (ATP) rules requiring airline pilots to have more hours of flight instructor experience. Major airlines, like Delta and American Airline, have, in large part, […]