Airline Pipeline – Purple Runway FedEx Program

Purple Runway FedEx Program

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Purple Runway FedEx Program for Pilots who want to fly for FedEx as their primary choice for cargo carrier. US Aviation Academy works with Mountain Air Cargo to help you qualify as a participant for this exciting program!
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This program is offering a unique approach to pilot training, advancement and a pathway to the FedEx fleet. Working with Mountain Air Cargo and participating university aviation programs, you will be guided through the necessary steps to become a FedEx pilot. Eligible pilots enter into a Participant Agreement with Mountain Air Cargo. Participants must successfully complete requirements and demonstrate they meet the experience, skills and qualifications of the FedEx pilot job.
You can participate no matter where you are in your flying career: college level or Feeder airline experience. This is a structured program to build your career path to Jet Transition Training offering:

Purple Runway FedEx Program Benefits

  • College Tuition Assistance
  • Pilot in Command Time
  • Mentoring
  • Advanced Training

Purple Runway FedEx Program Eligibility

  • Pilot must be employed for at least six months at Mountain Air Cargo
  • Pilot has not previously tested or interviewed with FedEx for a trunk pilot position
  • Ability to hold first class medical
  • Eligible to work in the u.s.and qualify for rapid visa issuance
  • Stable employment history
  • Earned two-year degree (minimum) or four-year degree (preferred) with a 2.5 or higher GPA from accredited college/university or AABI accredited aviation program
  • Sign program authorization and commitment paperwork
  • Successfully complete Cog Screen/Neotest battery
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Completion Requirements

  • Complete four-year degree with 2.5 or higher GPA from accredited program
  • Maintain ability to hold first class medical
  • Acceptable attendance, reliability, and performance records
  • Acceptable training performance (no training or line check failures)
  • Successfully complete at least one initial qualification evaluation and all recurrent evaluations with the Feeder
  • Complete minimum service and hours obligation to Mountain Air Cargo: at least 36 months of active service and minimum of 500 hours as PIC for multi-engine turbo prop aircraft
  • Successfully complete Jet Transition Course (JTC), administered no earlier than two years after enrollment date
  • Complete the FedEx Pass Board Review
  • Successfully complete the Job Knowledge Test, administered no earlier than two years after enrollment date
  • Attend the FedEx Experience Summit
  • Complete an applicant profile on
  • Successfully pass the Panel and Situational-based Interviews

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Purple Runway Flight Training

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If flying Cargo Jets is your goal, US Aviation Academy has the cadet program that will work with your goal in mind. With Mountain Air Cargo and Purple Runway Program, we can help get your training done to fly for FedEx!
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