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A&P Mechanic Atlanta, Georgia

5559 Old Dixie Road Forest Park, GA 30297 | 404-446-0888
US Aviation’s Airplane & Mechanic school in Atlanta, Georgia, delivers students an accelerated and comprehensive curriculum covering all areas of aircraft maintenance. US Aviation is an accredited FAA Part 147 under the guidance of the top instructors in the country to receive their A&P Mechanic Certificate. Join US Aviation Academy's aviation mechanic school today, to launch a high-flying career in aircraft maintenance with top-notch training and expert instructors.

A&P Mechanic Program Overview

Aviation Mechanic 12-month Accelerated Training

  • All A&P Mechanic Atlanta, Georgia Training required by the FAA for A&P Certification to take your:
    • Knowledge Exam
    • Oral Exam
    • Practical Exams
  • FAA-approved Part 147 school, which provides students the required experience necessary to get your certificate.
  • Located a short distance from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • Provides students with a full immersion into the aviation maintenance world.

A Look at A&P Mechanics' Salaries with Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia

A&P Mechanic Program Advantages

A&P Mechanic Atlanta Georgia Benefits and Advantages

US Aviation Academy
  • 12 Months to Complete
  • Under $33,000 in Costs!
  • Tools Provided For Use
  • Industry Leading Partnerships
  • New Facility
  • Start Your Paid Career Sooner!
Competitors Programs
  • 21-24 Months to Complete
  • Over $60,000 in Costs
  • Must Buy Own Tools
  • Limited Partnerships

Why US Aviation?

US Aviation Academy is the premier choice for aviation maintenance and repair training. As an FAA-approved Part 147 School and with experienced instructors in our Atlanta, GA, facility, we can teach you the skills you need to become qualified aircraft mechanics in our 12-month accelerated training. With our state-of-the-art training facilities, financing options, low-cost tuition, and tools-provided perks, US Aviation Academy is your dedicated partner to a brighter future. Students from the US Aviation Academy are in demand and hired by several established legacy and charter airlines in Atlanta, Georgia, and nationwide. We are proud of the partnerships we have built.

Accelerated A&P Mechanic Courses

US Aviation’s accelerated program is designed for those looking for flexibility, cost savings, high-quality instructors, and a comprehensive education. The FAA Part 147 program allows you to skip time-consuming apprenticeships and get to work faster. Our A&P mechanic courses are great for career changes and for those who have a passion for aviation. All students must complete and pass the following courses to receive certification:
  • General Technician – Aviation Maintenance
  • Airframe Technician Part 1 – Aviation Maintenance
  • Airframe Technician Part 2 – Aviation Maintenance
  • Powerplant Technician Part 1 – Aviation Maintenance
  • Powerplant Technician Part 2 – Aviation Maintenance
  • Complete and pass three written exams (General, Airframe, and Powerplant).
  • Complete and pass the FAA practical (hands-on) exam and the FAA oral exam.

Airline and Charter Companies in Need of Mechanics

Our support doesn’t end once you pass your exams. At US Aviation Academy, we have made influential contacts with various airlines that require highly qualified mechanics. Currently, these airline and charter companies are looking for mechanics:

A&P Mechanic Programs in Atlanta, Georgia for Delta Air Lines Ramp Agents

Photo Gallery of Atlanta Campus


Where in Atlanta Georgia Is The Training?

US Aviation Academy’s A&P Mechanic Atlanta Georgia Training Program’s Campus is located at 5559 Old Dixie Road Forest Park, GA 30297.

How long does it take to get your A&P License?

At US Aviation Academy, we have a 12-month accelerated training program specifically designed for prospective A&P mechanics looking to get their certification fast! Our aviation mechanic school required by the FAA for an A&P Certification states you have to complete your:
  • Knowledge Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Practical Exams
To start your A&P Application Today, please click here!

What is the Average Airplane Mechanic’s Salary?

The average A&P Mechanic Salary was $58,000 in 2022, however, at US Aviation Academy, our Airline partners are offered up to $68,000 a year for a starting salary.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an A&P License?

While prices may vary for each A&P program, we’ve designed our A&P Mechanic Program to offer lower pricing options and separate benefits that our competitors simply can’t match. Our A&P Mechanics Program only costs an affordably low $30,000 and comes with these additional benefits:
  • 12-months to complete
  • Tools provided for use
  • Industry-leading partnerships
  • New facility
  • Accelerated career options

How Long is A&P Mechanic Atlanta Georgia Training?

Most Airplane Mechanic Schools take around 24 months to complete, our Accelerated 12-month A&P Mechanic Training Program is designed to get you in your paid career faster! Start your application today to become an A&P Technician in one year!

Is the Atlanta Campus VA Approved?

At this time, The Academy's Atlanta Campus is NOT VA Approved and cannot accept VA Benefits for training.

How Much is Aviation Mechanic School

While other A&P Mechanic Programs can cost over $60,000, our A&P program is designed to give you the best financing options for your dream career. The US Aviation Academy A&P Program will be around $33,000 in costs and comes with additional benefits including tools, accelerated career options, and exclusive industry-leading partnerships.

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